Smartphones: 10 Ways to Increase Battery Life

smartphonesSmartphones are so useful that, in many ways, consumers have placed them at the forefront of their lives. No longer just a way to talk to someone, the handy little devices can now do virtually any task asked of them. With each task done, app installed, radio station played and text sent, the batteries in the smartphones are working harder than ever. However, there are some easy to implement ways that users can try to make their batteries lives a little easier and longer. Here is a list of 10 ways to increase the life of a smartphone battery.

1. App Management- When using smartphones, Videos on YouTube and multiplayer games, like Clash of Clans are bound to drain a battery quicker than playing solitaire or reading A Tale of Two Cities. Try not to do several things at once. Though they can be fun, wallpapers that are considered “live” are particularly taxing on a smartphone battery.

2. App Closed- Always be sure that an application is actually closed. When a user leaves to send a text or take a call, unless they tell the app to close, many will just keep on rolling, expending battery life. Engagement with the Home button usually ensures that an app is closed.

3. Dim Screen- This may be the most important of the 10 ways to increase a smartphone’s battery life. Bring the brightness setting down on the screen. This can be found under Options or Settings. While there, it is recommended that screens be set to power down after anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute of inactivity.

4. Extra Battery- Some phones come with battery packs that are meant to extend the life of a battery. There are also boosters that are lithium-ion batteries. These plug into a USB port. Something like this is good to have in cases of power outages.

5. Avoid Pocket Calls- Locking the smartphone when not in use not only prevents prolonged usage without actual usage, but those often embarrassing pocket calls.

6. Room Temperature- Believe it or not, extreme heat and cold can cause a battery to drain. If at all possible, keep smartphones in room temperature settings.

7. Updates- Updating the software on a smartphone can be advantageous to the life of the battery. Many updates have to do with improved management of the power usage of a smartphone.

8. Turn Off Notifications- if feasible, by turning off push notifications, like when a new email is received, the smartphone’s battery will not be drained as much throughout the day.

9. Turn Off Radios- GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, unless in use, will drain a battery quickly. Turn them off when not needed.

10. Wi-Fi Over 3G/4G- if possible, always use Wi-Fi instead of 3G/4G. This is far less of a drain on the life of a smartphone battery.

It is important to note that sometimes draining a battery is unavoidable. These tips are merely suggestions for those who want to optimize their daily use of their smartphone. On many phones, lots of these settings are included in their “eco mode.”

One final tip, when charging a battery, putting the smartphone in airplane mode charges it much more quickly. Until the new prototype battery that charges fully in less than 30 seconds is developed, airplane mode will have to suffice. Taking care of devices can be daunting at times. With this list and some due diligence, smartphone users can employ any or all of these 10 ways to increase the life of their battery. Life is good.

By Stacy Lamy


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