Solomon Islands Rocked by Two Powerful Earthquakes

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Two powerful earthquakes rocked the Solomon Islands on Sunday prompting tsunami warnings. The magnitude 7.6 earthquakes woke residents of the island at 7:14 a.m. Some on those residents on Solomon and nearby islands reported seeing three large waves afterward.

The quake’s epicenter was 200 miles southeast of Honiara, at a distance of 18 miles below the oceans surface according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS)

After the morning earthquake, tsunami warning was canceled. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reported sea level readings showed a minor tsunami generated by the quake and may have caused damage close to the epicenter.

Another powerful temblor rocked the same location near the Solomon Islands area bringing the earthquake total up to two. The magnitude 7.4 struck late Sunday night at a depth of 35 kilometers according to the USGS. After that earthquake the PTWC issued a warning for the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu.

The Islands were still trying to recover from the devastating flash floods that struck that area on. The floods made 9,000 homeless and killed 23. Agencies scrambled to prevent disease after it had been discovered that sewage systems had been wiped out. The Solomon Islands are home to over 600,000 people. 30 more people remain missing from the April 3 incident.

Andrew Catford, who is the islands director for World Vision, stated that staff on various islands reported no tsunami. They did report seeing large waves and strong currents crashing upon the shore. Catford said staff has evacuated to higher ground as a safety measure.

The tsunami warning was initially issued Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. U.S. officials say there was no risk of a tsunami affecting the west coast. Oregon, California, Washington State, Alaska, and Hawaii are all presumed to be safe at this time by an official at The National Tsunami Warning Center. These quakes near the island come after the west coast was hit with a series of quakes in late March. An earthquake in Yellowstone caused alarm as it was the biggest earthquake recorded there in 34 years

The Solomon Islands lie on an area known as the “Ring of Fire”.
The Andes Mountains in South America, the Aleutian island chain in Alaska, and the tropical islands of Micronesia (which include the Solomon Islands) all are part of the most volcanically and seismically active expanse on Earth called the ring of fire. Three-fourths of all dormant and active lie along this arc in the Pacific Ocean. This “ring” is where the large Pacific plate and other tectonic plates plunge below each other

There have been numerous earthquakes and tsunamis all over the world and while some believe that the activity is normal others believe that the increase in seismic activity is a fulfillment of bible prophecy linked to the coming blood moon and the planetary alignment of the earth, sun and mars set to occur on April 15.

Though the Solomon Islands were rocked and shaken by two powerful earthquakes, there were no direct reports of damage.

By Sarah Wright


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