Sony Sells 7 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles and Talks Update 1.70 [Video]

SHAREfactory will be changing how you edit your gaming videos

Sony PlayStation 4 sells 7 million

PlayStation 4 fans have been enjoying the newest Sony console and Sony is proud of that. In fact, they intend to make the experience even more enjoyable with a new firmware update (1.70). This update will bring a number of new functions to the PlayStation 4 that should keep players wrapped up in the enjoyment the system offers.

Firmware 1.70 brings the newest changes to the system. This update adds a surprising number of features that will please gamers that have been making use of the PlayStation 4’s ability to upload video game clips.

Welcome to the SHAREfactory. According to Sony’s Scott McCarthy, the SHAREfactory is a video editor app that “makes it easy for you to customize your gameplay videos.” What exactly does that entail? Check out this video to find out.

What else can you do with the addition of the SHAREfactory? Share the videos on Facebook, of course. If you want, you can even store these videos on external USB storage devices instead of uploading them. These are some pretty huge adjustments for a firmware update. When can fans expect to be putting these new changes to work? Who knows. For now, Sony is only bragging; they have not announced a date for this update.

How will this influence the world of gaming? It should have a very positive impact on helping players that are stuck or confused in games. This advanced video editing feature within the PlayStation 4 will make it possible for many inexperienced video editors to suddenly grasp the reins and try something new. Not to mention, the addition of music and customization in SHAREfactory will make walkthroughs, let’s plays, and top ten videos more easy to create and post. With the versatility of SHAREfactory gamers can even keep videos or upload them to whatever source they find most comfortable.

This news comes accompanied with numbers of how the PlayStation 4 has been selling. The system just reached the 7 million marker, a global feat Sony is proud to share.

This update also allows players to play pre-ordered games the moment they become available. This new feature pre-loads games that have been pre-ordered digitally on the PlayStation 4. Sony knows that gamers want to play games ASAP so this new function makes it possible to do just that. Now when you pre-order a game you can play it the moment it is open to the public, you don’t have to wait for it to download because it was pre-downloaded!

Ironically, Sony doesn’t want gamers to wait for their games, but they do want them to wait for their system updates. Currently, no date is given for when this firmware update will release. Regardless, update 1.70 will be introducing the SHAREfactory and the new function to pre-download games that have yet to come out. Sony also announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold 7 million copies worldwide. Is this a call out to Microsoft considering they haven’t announced how the Xbox One has been selling? Maybe, or maybe Sony likes to keep reminding people where the spotlight should be.

By Garrett Jutte
PlayStation Blog
Daily Tech

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