South Africa 2014 Elections Zuma on Nkandla a Time Waster

South Africa Jacob Zuma

The South Africa 2014 election will take place next month on May 7. Recently President Zuma spoke about how Nkandla has become a time waster during his campaign trail.

Zuma is campaigning ahead of the elections for the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), and constantly criticizes the opposition parties for using the Nkandla scandal in their electioneering. Zuma said the parties were wasting their time by raising Nkandla as a subject. He said processes were in place regarding Nkandla.

The intense spotlight on the Nkandla saga has remained a distinct concern among opposition parties. The Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) are calling for the impeachment of Zuma following the public protectors findings regarding the ZAR240 spent on upgrades.

The Ingonyama  Trust is the legal owner of the Nkandla property, situated in Kwan Natal, and the Trustees including the Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu gave the Public Works Department their approval for the upgrades. Zuma said opposition parties waste the opportunity to tell voters about their party’s manifesto and how they can deliver dependable governance because they are talking about Nkandla instead.


An ad hoc committee has been set up to assess the response from Zuma to the Public Protectors Report. The opposition parties called for President Jacob Zuma to appear before the ad hoc committee with public protector Thuli Madonsela to consider his response in regard to her Nkandla report.

The public and opposition parties consider the amount of money spent on Nkandla wasteful. Comments arising from the citizens of South Africa show the money  would have been better used to steer the failing education system into a challenging learning institute for the development of South Africans.  Education according to most is lagging behind, and scholars are not given the opportunity to gain wisdom. A major concern for most is the schools in some of the provinces around the country which are not provided with the text books critically needed to teach the young. The ANC talks about their fantastic manifesto and unfailing promises but have over the last twenty years failed severely on delivering to the people of South Africa the most basic human rights.

Zuma, ahead of his campaigning for the May 2014 elections, continues his electioneering throughout South Africa. Nkandla might be a hot topic for the opposition parties while on their campaign and remains a joking matter for the president. However, Zuma’s demeanor is cheerful  and seemingly unconcerned. This perspective seems to indicate that Zuma believes the opposition parties are obsessing about Nkandla and corruption simply because they have nothing better to offer. He said the campaigners should seek medical attention as they seem to be “sick in the head.”

Zuma appears to be happy and confident as he continues his campaign trail across the country, convinced the ANC will once again win with a large majority vote. As for Nkandla and the comments, he remains unfazed about the remarks. The crowd laughed at the joking president who kept them entertained with his friendly comments. South Africa waits in anticipation for the upcoming election and continues to gather at the rallies of all the political parties contending the elections.

By Laura Oneale


City Press


News 24

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