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Spotify, the music power house is going to look good in Google’s portfolio and was reportedly purchased for over $4 billion dollars. This could give Google a much-needed edge over Apple in the digital music arena. Google has other music app’s that are not doing as well, and this could be just the edge they need while they are working out the bugs on “You Tube Music”  which requires users to purchase a subscription. Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek believes that the competition between his company and Google has always been healthy, and is thrilled to become part of the Internet giant, and is happy with the faith they have placed in his company. One of the original creators behind Napster and a current board member of Spotify, Sean Parker, has expressed an optimistic view on the acquisition, and notes that Google will help them realize a dream that started 15 years ago with Napster. The major labels that hold interest in Spotify could also win big, but as in any business transaction there always seems to be someone who is unhappy. Rumor has it that Goldman Sachs, is that not so happy party in this transaction, and that they feel that more money would have been made through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on Wallstreet. For some it always comes down to the almighty dollar, and being simply rich isn’t good enough when mega rich is in their sight lines.

As the deal closes on Google’s newest acquisition, speculation about what comes next can be heard loud and clear. Some think that Spotify can help with the somewhat unorganized, although extensive content on ‘You Tube Music’.  Many believe the underlying technology behind the music app could be just what is needed to bring You Tube to the fore front of the digital music era. Still others speculate on the fact that the app itself is not the thing Google is most interested in, and they may be looking to rearrange some of the tech guys so that work on You Tube will progress more quickly.

Google has purchased Spotify at an interesting time in the company’s history, as they go through the biggest redesign in recent history. Using round icon’s for people and square icon’s for albums, will help in moving the app away from the original jukebox design, and become more user-friendly. Gone are the days of the boring old song lists, and in are the more visually appealing screens and ease of use that this redesign is bringing to the web, iPhone and Mac systems. Testing of this new look goes out to desk top users first and next they will roll out to mobile users and it is exciting since this is the biggest redesign since the beginning. Use of “collections”  to manage your music is a highly anticipated addition that was announced in December 2012, but has not come to life until now. Google will surely benefit from this purchase as much as Spotify will and the consumers in the end will be the biggest winners of all, with a new look for Spotify and some much-needed help for “You Tube Music.”

Opinon by Kristi Cereska

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