Superman to Taste Fury of Captain America’s Shield May 2016

captain americaMarvel Studios has confirmed that the comic book hero showdown of the century is going to take place in May of 2016, when Captain America 3 will take on Batman Vs. Superman at the box office. It is already being predicted that Superman is going to get a taste of Captain America’s shield, and the fury of the attack could cause bitter defeat for DC and might signal the end of their cinematic exploits for some time. This news is a tremendous vote of confidence, almost bordering on arrogance for Marvel, believing that their one hero can smash through the competition posed by two of history’s most famous costumed crime fighters. It is this confidence, combined with Marvel’s ability to craft an excellent story, that has many of its fans backing up their claim.

There is plenty of box office related evidence to back up all of Marvel’s talk, as Captain America: The Winter Soldier has crushed its competition at the theater this weekend, bringing in a whopping $96. million in America, sending its worldwide total over the $300 million mark. Combine this with all of the positive reviews from critics and fans alike, and it seems that modern culture has accepted Captain America into the mainstream, and this newly respected hero seems poised to replace Superman as the world’s favorite superhero.

The reason that Superman is already feeling the sting from Captain America’s shield, is that people in this modern age want heroes that they can relate to, and no matter how hard Marvel fans might feel the fury of DC fanboys for making the following statement, Superman is out of touch. Man of Steel did well at the box office in 2013, but many who saw the film were disappointed in the darker adaptation of the golden-age “Man of Tomorrow.” The movie was heavy on destruction, skimpy on character development, which irked some fans, while others, more die-hard in their support for the boy in blue, were thrilled with the film and could not be more excited to see Batman join him on the big screen.

Batman Vs. Superman has been plagued by delays and setbacks from the beginning, leading some to believe that perhaps the project is being rushed. Warner Brothers has been jamming as many heroes into the film as possible in an attempt to catch up with Marvel, but unlike their competitor, they have not taken the time to set up the same kind of intricately woven universe, with characters and plots tying things together in a team based motion picture. This makes DC and Warner Brothers look desperate, as if they lack confidence in the quality of their own characters and storytelling.

There is little doubt that after the smash success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the buzz that will be going full tilt after next year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Superman is going to face his toughest opponent yet when he squares off against the Sentinel of Liberty in 2016. The thought on the minds of comic book and movies fans alike is whether or not Captain America’s shield will prove to be Superman’s kryptonite, sinking future DC cinematic projects, much to the despair and fury of DC fans.

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