The Voice The Battles Round 2 Conclude (Review)

The Voice Battle Rounds 2 Conclude (Review)

On The Voice tonight, The Battles Round 2 conclude. The only coach/judge left who has a steal is Blake.  He will likely sit on the steal until he gets the opportunity to steal just the perfect singer who he thinks will help him win; but, that performer might be one who sings earlier in tonight’s episode, or maybe not until the end of it.

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began the episode by recapping last week’s shows, introducing the coaches, then introducing Shakira’s first Battle pair of the night: Clarissa Serna Vs. Dani Moz.

Shakira said she’ll “be picking the best of the best.” She gave the pair a list of songs to choose from, and they agreed to sing Pink’s “Perfect.” Then, the pair met with Chris Martin, the frontman of Coldplay, who is the mentor for all of the remaining competitors.

Chris said he’d like the pair to “move around” a bit more, to show their stage presence. “Perfect” is a powerful song, and this should be a great Battle to open up The Voice with.

Clarissa began the song, and then Dani sang the next line. They took turns singing, until they then joined their voices together and harmonized pretty well together. The audience clapped along, and they and Shakira gave them a standing ovation.

Adam: “There was major improvement on both sides. At the beginning you were both nervous. At the end, you were both incredible. Try to make the 25% that was shaky part of the 75% that was awesome.”

Blake: “I think I’m going to have to give it to Dani.”

Usher: “Dani, you were unwavering. That’s something that can’t be taught, to be a star. I’ll give it to Dani.’

Shakira: “Dani, you have a register that’s just insane. I’ll go with the person who I think I can make the biggest difference with. The winner of this Battle is…Dani.”

Clarissa was up to be stolen, but Blake held off and didn’t use his steal. Carson then said there’s more great music to come right after the next commercial break on The Voice.

Adam revealed his first pair of the night on The Voice after the break. It will be Dawn & Hawkes Vs. Kat. The Battle song that the chose was “Suddenly I See.” Kat said she was “freaking out” when she got to meet Chris Martin.

Adam: “Kat, you don’t need sometimes the extra attitude up there.” Kat thinks she needs to sing powerfully, though, in order to beat Dawn * Hawkes. Maybe this is a case of less is more, though.

Adam said he thinks it’s “pretty even keeled with Dawn & Hawkes.” They are singing well together; but, will it be enough to wrest the victory away from Kat? The Voice went to another commercial break, so we won’t find out for a couple of minutes who will sing the best and be declared the winner.

Carson introduces Dawn & Hawkes first, then Kat Perkins. Dawn & Hawkes begin the song, with Hawkes playing the guitar. They are AWESOME! Kat must pull out all the stops to win this Battle! She does sing very well, when she joins in, and sings the “Suddenly I see” parts of the song. I don’t know if she outshine how well Dawn & Hawkes are singing, though. They get a standing ovation.

Blake: “As good as Dawn & Hawkes sounded, Kat made them look as if they were backing her up. I’d give this Battle to Kat.”

Usher: “My vote would definitely lean in the direction of Kat.”

Shakira: “Kat, your voice stood out from the beginning. You looked like a star.”

Adam: “Dawn & Hawkes, I think you did an awesome job. But, Kat, you stepped up to the challenge, so congratulations. The winner of this Battle — is Kat.”

Kat said that she made the “best decision of her life” the day she chose to be on Team Adam.  Though Dawn & Hawkes are up to be stolen, Blake still wants to save his steal for later on.

The Voice went to yet another commercial break. There is still plenty of time left in the episode for Blake to use his steal, though he’s already let some good singers go by him without hitting his button to use his steal. Will this strategy pay off for him in the long run?

Usher’s first pair of the night is Music Box Vs. Melissa Jimenez. Usher stole Music Box from Shakira, and now he hopes that she will demonstrate her incredible voice for him. However,  Melissa also has a great voice, also. Usher gave them a list of songs to chose from, and they select “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keyes. They say they both “want to rock out.”

Chris Martin tells them “this is about ownership of the song.” He tells them “to inhabit the lyrics more.” The singer who does this best will win the Battle.

Usher said “Whoever can make me fill they are the most committed will win this round.”

The Voice Battle Rounds 2 Conclude (Review)

Carson says that coming up, Melissa and Music Box hold nothing back.” But, before their Battle commences, The Voice goes to another commercial break.

Back from the break, the two women give a tremendous Battle, perhaps the best of the night so far on The Voice. Shakira and Blake declare that Music Box is the winner, in their opinions; Adam says he thinks Melissa won. Usher goes with Melissa!

Blake’s final pair of the night on The Voice was Kaleigh Glanton Vs. Ryan Whyte Maloney. Blake tells Kaley that he noticed one place where she “got pitchy,” and adds that she “can’t do that” going into a singing Battle against  Ryan. They must now chose their song to sing. Ryan thinks that “Easy” by Rascal Flatts would be a good one, and Kaleigh agrees.

When Kaleigh and Ryan meet Chris Martin, they are both excited, as all the contestants have been. Blake likes it that the pair are challenging themselves by singing a country song.

Blake: “Kaleigh, I’m afraid that when you go into ‘Falsetto Land,’ you might let your voice get away from you.” He adds that he thinks “This Battle will come down to emotion.” Both singers must make Blake believe what they are singing.

Carson first introduced Kaleigh Glanton, then Ryan Whyte Maloney. Ryan began the song, sounding TERRIFIC! Then, Kaleigh started, joining Ryan, and she also sounded AMAZING! Kaleigh showed off her wide vocal range, and they both sang with a lot of emotion in their voices.

Ryan WAILED on parts of the song, but Kaleigh matched him note-for-note.

Usher: “I felt the challenge, but also that you guys were supporting one another. Kaleigh I felt you were a bit nervous. You have the voice, but I think you felt overwhelmed, so I give it to Ryan.”

Shakira: “Maybe because it felt a bit more effortless on Ryan’s part, I’ll give it to Ryan.”

Adam: “There’s something about Ryan I’d like to stick with.”

Blake: “You are nothing alike, but you both have powerful, rangy voices. I’m left with trying to make this decision and that blows. I gotta go with — the winner of this Battle is Ryan.” Blake doesn’t use his steal with Kaleigh.

Before The Voice went to another break, Usher said that Ryan was his “type of country singer.”

Next up, Adam is pairing Jake Barker Vs. Brittnee Camelle. Jake said that “watching Brittnee was “intimidating.” Brittnee said that jake has a “natural presence on the stage.”

Adam said that Jake has a great voice, but Adam wanted to “make it tasteful.” Jake and Brittnee decided that they will be singing “Climax” by Usher, though there are a lot of falsetto moments in the song. Both Jake and Brittnee “freaked out” upon meeting Chris Martin.

Adam tells Britnee to “have fun” with the song.

Chris said they must “make a leap to make it believable,” and that they needed to “inhabit” the song.

Carson said that still to come, “the artists give it all they’ve got.” Before we hear the Battle between Jake and Brittnee, The Voice will be going to yet another commercial break.

After the break, Carson said that right now, two artists who Adam stole from Usher will be going head-to-head into Battle.” He introduced Brittnee first, then Jake. Jake began the song, with a very high falsetto. It sounds like a difficult song to sing well — they both did a fantastic job singing it, though.  Brittnee was super, but the coaches might give it to Jake, if they think he’s done the falsetto well enough.

Blake: “Jake, that’s a low blow to wear Usher’s shoes out here and to sing his song. One little thing for me gives Jake the edge.”

Usher: “It’s by far one of my riskiest records. It’s totally unfair for me to give either one of you the edge.”

Shakira: “What Jake did with his voice — you really raised the challenge. I’d give this Battle to Jake.”

Adam: “Jake, this is what — your third or fourth time out on the stage. You totally blow me away. The winner of this Battle is — Jake.”

Britnee doesn’t get stolen by Blake. He must be waiting until the last performance of the night on The Voice.

Carson says that Usher’s two youngest performers will Battle next when The Voice comes back from another commercial break.

Usher’s pair will be matched head-to-head in the final Battle of the night on The Voice. Usher is pairing Bria Kelly. Madelyn Paige. “Control is important,” Usher tells them. He gives the pair a list of three songs to chose from. They chose “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders.

Both women were excited to meet Chris Martin. They tell Chris and Usher their song choice. Usher has them all take a deep breath before they start in rehearsing.

Chris encourages Madilyn to bring her “real life” into the song. Usher says to Bria that she has a “powerful voice,” but it doesn’t hurt to show some restraint.

After another commercial break, the final Battle of the evening will be coming up on The Voice, according to Carson. That means, among other things, that blake has saved his steal for just this moment, and he will use it on whoever loses the Battle.

Carson introduces Bria Kelly first, then Madilyn Paige. Bria starts off, singing with an amazing clarity and tone. Then, Madilyn begins, and she has a FANTASTIC voice, as well. They sound pretty evenly matched, so this will be a very difficult choice for Usher to make. As they finish the song, the audience erupted into applause.

Shakira: “That was great. Madilyn, you were really comfortable in oyur own skin, which surprised me.”

Adam: “I was left desiring more.”

Blake: “I’m not saying it was bad, but I don’t think anyone really stood out.”

Usher: “While today the performance might not have been the greatest, you both gave it your all. I just gotta select one of the two of you to teach. The winner of this Battle Round is — Bria Kelly.”

Carson reminded the coaches that Madilyn is available to steal. and Blake steals her! He said: “I believe in you as a singer, now I’ll make a performer out of you.”

“Tomorrow,” Carson said, “it’s the start of the new Playoffs.” Carson said that the competition will be so tough, the coaches might end up “turning on each other.”

With the Battles Round 1 and 2 now over, none too soon for me, The Voice will be entering into a new phase of the competition, when we will get to see how the team members that each coach kept or stole will stack up against the other coaches’ team members. One round of head-to-head Battles is more than enough — it will be good to see how well the remaining competitors do in the Playoff phase. Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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