Swedish Man Files Grievance Against Doctors Who Wanted to Donate His Organs

Swedish Man Files Grievance Against Doctors Who Wanted to Donate His Organs

A man who resides in Sweden and who ended up being paralyzed from a massive stroke has filed a grievance against the hospital which gave him medical care. This is because he claims he was able to hear doctors conversing about whether they should donate his organs right before they proceeded to give him a tranquilizer which caused him to fall asleep.

Jimi Fritze, age 42, stated that he was incapable of alerting the medical staff to the fact that he was conscious and was able to hear everything they were saying. This caused him to live in terror that he would be powerless to save himself whenever they put him under sedation.

He stated that every time they sedated him, he was terrified that this time was the time that he was going to die and they were going to harvest his organs.

Fritze had suffered the stroke over two years ago in Sweden. He recently filed the complaint with the Swedish Health and Welfare Board, which looks over the superiority of the healthcare system in Sweden.

A spokesperson for the hospital that treated Fritze released a written statement to the public which read that the medical facility was looking into the event.

Fritze still experiences trouble in trying to talk, but says he clearly recalls the instant when he heard physicians speaking of his dismal diagnosis while he was lying in a hospital bed close by, powerless to make any sort of movements but still able to hear and also understand the noises and sounds that echoed all around him. Professionals explain this is not at all uncommon in patients who have suffered from strokes.

As Fritz lay helpless in his bed, he states he remembers the doctors talking about donation of his body organs even though Fritze had not yet been confirmed as being brain dead by anyone.

The stroke victim was on a vacation with his now ex-girlfriend when he unexpectedly collapsed due to suffering the stroke. The girlfriend worked as a nurse so she knew what to do to give him aid. She was able to keep his airway clear until emergency medical help came on the scene. Yet once he was in the hospital, Fritze declares that physicians working on him seemed to be disheartened by what the brain scans shown. They went and explained to his girlfriend to get in touch with his family to tell them to hurry to the hospital so they were able to tell him goodbye.

The doctors even allegedly talked about various donations of organs with Fritze’s family members. But before any further steps were taken, there was a physician who stepped in and gave a brand new opinion. He stated that he believed the swelling which was going on in Fritze’s brain could be a good sign that he just might recover. So numerous doctors were able to help bring down the swelling and Fritze in due course was able to come out of his come. Not long after that he was able to begin communication with his family. However he is still recuperating his speech and movement and speech, and still cannot walk.

Fritze explained that when he first woke up he could only move one of his fingers. Now he said he could move each part of his body but he could not walk as of this time. That is his main wish.

Specialists explain that Fritze’s situation, although rare, indicates the struggle there is in trying to treat stroke patients.

Dr. Cathy Sila, who is a administrator of the Stroke Center at a another hospital in Sweden, explains that physicians must be extremely careful to remember that a patient might be able to understand what the doctors are saying even if the patients seem to be unresponsive.

There have been comparable cases of where the brain has looked like it has had much more permanent damage from swelling, but when the swelling went down there is a chance for the person to get better. Another problem from strokes is a person’s age. The younger a person is, the better the chance he or she just might have at getting better from a massive stroke. It is actually pretty amazing how young people are able to survive what appears to be shattering neurological damages.

Mr. Fritze has filed a grievance against the hospital which gave him medical care because of what he heard and it made him extremely upset.

By Kimberly Ruble


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  1. j   May 17, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    Way to go Fritze I been praying for you an wondered how your out come came sorry about the ex girlfriend you will walk again my husband is fifty-eight an it is a slow process keep your faith an strong hold in our father all things are possible my husband keeps proven his doctor’s wrong (smile) cheers mate!

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