Taco Bell Bypasses the Border


Taco Bell

Taco Bell wants to branch out and reach more customers. It will not be just a run to the border anymore, a previous advertisement gimmick, as they begin a test run with a new style restaurant called the U.S.Taco Co. in Huntington Beach, California. Their mission begins with a new menu, loaded with tacos, unlike the discounted ones at Taco Bell.

This summer the U. S. Taco Co. will try out the Mexican Car Bomb, the Brotherly Love and a Winner Winner. That would be a Guinness-infused vanilla flavored milkshake with tequila tinged caramel sauce topped with chocolate flakes. Try that car bomb. Maybe the new Philly cheese-steak styled flour tortilla revs someone’s engine. Better yet they should try the crispy chicken and yes, gravy. They call that a Winner Winner or a little something from the South. This is just a test but there could be many more restaurants to come.

If a person likes chips and salsa, that will not be on the menu. A customer will have to have steak fries and tacos. They are competing with other chains such as Chipotle and Panera.

The idea is high quality at fast food time. The other name for this is fast casual.

The market for this type of restaurant is growing. Taco Bell, which is owned by a Fortune 500 Company named Yum! Brands, is stepping in the arena. “It’s very lucrative,” analyst R.J. Hottovy said. Taco Bell has almost 6,000 locations in the United States. These new tacos will cost the buyer four to seven dollars. Taco Bell bypasses the border and brings them a new concept, the U.S.Taco Co.

Taco BellThis first new U.S.Taco Co. will open right near the Pacific Ocean, where surfing draws the crowds. The logo, a Day of the Dead, pink sugar skull will pull in those with cash who eat out several time a week and are on the go. They want Mexican and a little more than Taco Bell.

One of these ten different tacos has Maine lobster, another with Texas beef, brisket style and, for veggie lovers, they’ll have Wisconsin style cheese drizzled atop vegetables. Taco Bell’s CEO started this project last year. Greg Creed kept it secret from most employees. No more running to the border, you now have Taco Bell U.S. style.

Foodies are everywhere with young people taking pictures of it and posting their delights to Instagram. Half of the posts on Instagram are of food. Is the public guilty? Wait, there’s more. U.S. Taco Co. will have milkshakes spiked with beer and rock music with outdoor seating available. Rock the selfies and group pics!

The cooks will be on stage behind the glass as they like to call this the “glass theater.” The drive-thrus are gone and the newly designed concept was devised by an ‘entrepreneurial’ team of Taco Bell executives. Taco Bell is trying a new concept and leaving the border.

Jeff Jenkins, who led the project, admits everyone in fast casual is on the burrito side of things, but they jumped on the taco and the best of American cuisine. Taco Bell has entered the fast casual dining arena with the U.S. Taco Co.

By Kim Troike