Teenager Charged in Alleged Stabbing of Fellow Student Put Under Psychological Evaluation

Teenager Charged in Alleged Stabbing of Fellow Student Put Under Psychological Evaluation

An attorney for the teenager, age 16, who has been charged with the alleged murder in the stabbing death of a fellow student at a Connecticut high school, states that his client has been put under psychological evaluation.

Lawyer Richard Meehan explained on Saturday that the teen boy was committed and will most likely be staying inside a medical facility for at least two weeks. Such involuntary hospitalizations are usually ordered for suspects when physicians believe they are considered a danger to themselves.

The boy, who was indicted as a juvenile in the deadly stabbing of Maren Sanchez, age 17, will not be appearing at an arraignment that is scheduled to happen in New Haven, Connecticut on Monday.  Authorities could decide at a later time to charge him as an adult, but the teenager would have to appear in court for that to be able to happen.

Connecticut State’s attorney Kevin Lawlor declared that numerous factors would go into such a decision, including the gravity of the charges.

The teenager has been accused of lethally stabbing Sanchez in one of the hallways of Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Connecticut on Friday morning. One of the students at the high school said that Sanchez was attacked because she had refused to attend the prom with the suspect. However the Milford police refuse to confirm any motive.

The community and also residents from nearby areas filled up a local church and also gathered on a nearby beach Friday evening to remember Sanchez, a teen girl said to be an excellent student and who had had many friends. Her classmates sent up purple balloons in her remembrance from the beach and also painted a rock that was located in front of the high school with her birth date on it in white.

Sanchez’s cousin, Edward Kovac, stated on Friday afternoon that her family was devastated and shocked at what had happened.

Sanchez had been a member of the National Honor Society and was also one of the managers of the school’s swim team. She was deeply involved with community service, predominantly working on causes that had to do with veterans’ services and working to fight underage drinking, explained school administrators.

She had also been one of the members of her school’s drama club and was practicing for her role as the large plant in a school production of Little Shop of Horrors on May 2. In fact the drama club director, Michael Mele, stated that he had just seen Sanchez on Thursday evening during rehearsals and recalled her anticipation over the upcoming prom and that she had just gotten her nails done.

He explained that Sanchez had been discussing plans about a double-date and had such energy. The drama club director added that she was the epitome of a good student.

Mele declared that he felt completely numb after learning of Sanchez’s death and said he round up students in order to help give one another support. Mele also explained that he hoped the play would be able to go on in Sanchez’s honor and will have another rehearsal on Monday evening. They may end up doing nothing but sobbing on stage but at least they will be together.

The teenager who has been charged with the alleged murder of Sanchez has been put under psychological evaluation.

By Kimberly Ruble


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