Ted Cruz Claims Obama Is Attacking Religious Liberties With Healthcare Law


Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who hopes to run for the Republican Presidential nomination, said on Wednesday that Americans who are religious are facing a crisis right now during which they will have to fight against the harmful policies of President Obama that threaten their liberties as religious Americans.

Cruz said that as “believers” religious Americans are called forth to action and cannot just sit contently on the sidelines and hide their faith. He added that no matter what the consequences religious folk in the USA should speak out. He also added, a somewhat explicit claim, when he warned Liberty University students that, “religious liberty has never been more under attack.”

Cruz’s main reason for speaking to students was undoubtedly to test his message with young evangelicals, a demographic it would be crucial for him to win if he hopes to receive the Republican Nomination.

But Cruz was not finished with his presidential courting this week. Just as many hopeful candidates must speak at Universities, many, on both sides of the isle, also find it beneficial to publish a book to increase the public’s awareness about who they are and possibly gain some voters.

Keith Urbahn, Cruz’s literary agent, announced on Wednesday that Harper Collins and the Senator have agreed to terms for a book about the senator. A Washington Examiner report speculated that the deal was worth $1.5 million and although Urbahn did not confirm this number she did say that it was indeed “close.”

Cruz has said, in regards to the book that he is excited he has the opportunity to tell the American people his story and also to “tell the truth about what’s happening in Washington.”

Cruz led a partial shutdown of the government last year that was a part of the fight over the new health care law. Cruz told the students at Liberty, that the healthcare law was exhibit A of the kind of growing “secularism” that is posing a threat to the faithful in America. He cited nuns who did not want to provide health care coverage that allows for birth control to their employees as an example of how religious freedom is under attack today more than it has ever been.

He also said that some business owners are being forced to provide coverage to employees that includes measures that are against their personal faith. Cruz also quoted Dr. Martin Luther King at the campus arena in Virginia where he gave his speech, saying that he is “compelled to carry the gospel of freedom beyond my hometown.”

Although Cruz is only a first term center it is very likely that he will get a strong base of support from evangelicals, should he chose to run in hopes of becoming Obama’s replacement. Whether that will be the direction the Republican Party as a whole takes, or if they elect to bring their campaign closer to the middle of the road awaits to be seen. In the next weeks Cruz will speak at the “Freedom Summit” in New Hampshire, which it is important to remember is a state that votes early come election season.

By Nick Manai

ABC News


Huffington Post

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