Texas Chupacabra Will Not Be Bothering Any Livestock

Texas Chupacabra Will Not Be Bothering Any Livestock Now

The small animal that was caught in Texas and had the residents of Ratcliffe running around saying they had caught the mysterious creature believed to be an actual chupacabra will not be bothering anyone or any livestock now. This is because it has been euthanized.

It started receiving attention from around the country after a family living in Ratcliffe captured the creature, claiming it to be the mythical chupacabra. This was all because it had no hair, huge claws and a fierce growl. The chupacabra is allegedly supposed to attack livestock such as goats and cows and suck all of the blood out of them.

The Stock family reported that after a video of the animal went nation-wide, the animal rights group PETA began sending them messages, telling the family that they were troubled by the fact that the animal was stuck in captivity and was not being given the proper care.

So the family then stated that Jackie Stock took the creature to a local animal shelter and it was gently put to sleep. The people there agreed to do it because they believed it was in pain. The name of the shelter has had to be kept under wraps due to the sheer numbers of threats it has gotten since the incident.

They told her that if the creature had actually been a real chupacabra, it would have gotten the goats that lived next door and sucked the blood out of them before it was ever caught. The animal shelter explained that they believed the creature that Stock and her husband had was most likely a raccoon that had an extreme case of mange and that it was in severe pain.

Stock stated that the animal never received any type of DNA tests nor did it get any kind of examinations that might have helped in identifying what it really was.

A game warden for Dewitt County, Texas explained that he thought it was for the best that they euthanized the animal. It was for the protection and well-being of pets and also other animals. He stated that after watching the creatures’ actions and behaviors, he also thought it was probably a raccoon and not the mysterious chupacabra.

Legend states that chupacabras do suck the blood of various livestock. Even though there has never been any type of material evidence the creature is real, there have been alleged sightings of chupacabras all the way from South America to the southern region of the United States.

Stock added that she was informed by the shelter that the little animal went to sleep very calmly. She said that she had become very much attached to the small creature and had named him Chupie. She also declared that the little guy would be missed very much. Of course the little guy will not get a burial in the Old Patton Cemetery in Ratcliffe, but it was a nice a thought.

So the small town of Ratcliffe, Texas has nothing to fear any longer. The mysterious creature they feared as being the deadly chupacabra has been euthanized. They should sleep better tonight knowing the cat food eating creature will no longer threaten their town.

By Kimberly Ruble


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