Texas Woman Bit Dog and Saved Daughter


The term “man bites dog” has been used for eons to describe a journalistic notion that the odder the story, the more likely it is to be reported. In an ironic twist of fate, not only has that actually happened, but it certainly has made headlines. Although, in this case it happened to be a woman who did the biting. As one of the worst fears for a parent came true for a young mom a few weeks ago, there was no time to hesitate. Seeing her young child attacked by a vicious animal, Chelsi Camp fought back. As things got ugly, this Texas woman and mom literally bit the aggressive dog and saved her daughter’s life.

It was supposed to be an average day in March for mother and child, who reside in Alvin, Texas. Chelsi Camp, 23, had agreed to watch over her boyfriend’s pit bull, who had apparently only showed a calm temperament until that day. According to Camp, all seemed fairly normal until the pit bull allegedly began to sniff her daughter, 2-year-old Mackenzi “Kenzi” Plass. The three were all in Camp’s apartment at the time of the incident. She believes the dog was ultimately reacting to the scent of Camp’s dog, which was most likely lingering about 2-year-old Mackenzi. “When he smelled her, that’s when you saw it flip because I think he smelled my dog on her,”

What immediately followed was something Camp probably never expected nor hoped to see. The dog, who at first may have appeared curious over the toddler, soon became violent. Young Mackenzi was under attack, taking bites to her head and face. With not a moment to spare, Chelsi, a brave woman, jumped in and bit the dog in hopes of drawing it away from the 2-year-old. It has been reported that Camp actually shoved her own fist down the dog’s throat and chewed its ear right off. “How else do you get somebody to stop… I mean I would do the same thing with a human being.” Camp stated.

What is even more stunning is the calm with which Camp seemed to fend off the attacking animal. During the struggle, Camp managed to direct her daughter to roll over onto her stomach, as to not choke on her own blood. Furthermore, Camp managed to actually call 911 while tussling with the pit bull. A Texas police officer soon arrived on the scene at the apartment complex on East League City Parkway. The dog was shot on site, however it officially died later after being euthanized.

Since the ordeal, wherein a dog was bitten by a brave, hearty Texas woman in order to save her daughter’s life, both Chelsi and Mackenzi have made almost a full recovery. However, doctors have advised that Mackenzi stay away from the sun for a year while her scars heal. Camp had not been able to hold her daughter in the first few weeks following the incident. However, that is no longer the case. “I can actually hold her again… She’s a strong little girl and a fighter. She’s meant to be here.”

Opinion by Josh Taub

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