The Voice Live Eliminations: Top 12 Become the Terrific 10 (Review)

The Voice Live Eliminations Top 12 Become the Terrific 10 (Review)
It’s the first of the Live Eliminations on The Voice tonight, and the Top 12 performers left will become the Terrific 10 before the hour-long show is over! That’s right — the Bottom Three vote-getting competitors will have s sign-off, and only one of them will survive and progress on to next week — the other two will be going home! Shakira will be performing her hit “Empire,” and Adam and Blake will also be singing later tonight.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the episode by introducing the four coaches, Shakira, Usher, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton. Then, we got to see a brief recap of how the performers did last night, and relive the highlights of that episode.

Carson then introduced Adam and his team members, Delvin Choice, Kat Perkins, and Christina Grimmie, who all joined together to sing “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel. Adam started off this awesome song, but the others did a FANTASTIC job, also. This is a very COOL song, one of Peter Gabriel’s best after he left Genesis.

“After your performance last night, America has voted, and in my hand are the names of the first two artists who are Safe after last night’s voting. From Team Usher, Josh Kaufman is Safe! America also Saved from Team Adam Kat Perkins!” Carson said.

Coming back from the first commercial break, Adam said “All we want these performers to do is succeed.”

Carson then asked the coaches what they hoped that America “saw in their teams.”

After they gave their answers, carson then announced the next resutls. He read off the names of the next two artists who will be staying on The Voice.

“America Saved — from Team Shakira — Kristen Merlin!” Carson announced. “Congratulations! America also Saved — from Team Blake — Audra McLaughlin!!”

Next, Carson introduced Shakira, who will be singing “Empire” off of her recent best-selling album. “Empire” is one of the best songs off of it, and Shakira did an INCREDIBLE job of singing this international hit! The audience clapped along as she sang.

Then, Carson narrated scenes of Shakira taking her three team members to a Vocal School Shakira sponsors, and they got to meet the girls who attended the school and talk with them.

After that, Carson said that there were eight remaining artists, and he would now read the next two names. “America Saved — from Team Adam — Delvin Choice! Congratulations! America also Saved — from Team Blake — Jake Worthington! Congratulations to Delvin and Jake! The remaining six artists are still at risk!”

Carson said when The Voice came back after another commercial break that soon, he would be announcing the Bottom Three competitors. But first, he introduced Blake Shelton, who sang “Put  Some Drive Into Your Country” with his team members, Audra, Sisaundra, and Jake Worthington. It was a pretty cool performance — the audience clapped along as they all sang.

There are six artists to go. Carson said he had the names of three more he would announce. “America Saved — from Team Usher — Bria Kelly! Usher has two out of three going on. America also Saved — Christina Grimmie from Team Adam! All three of Adam’s team members are moving on!” Carson said.

“Just one more will be Saved by America’s votes,” he continued. “America also Saved — Sisaundra Lewis from Team Blake! That leaves T.J. Wilkins, Dani Moz, and Tess Boyer with the three fewest numbers of votes!”

When The Voice comes back after another commercial break, we will hear the Bottom Three performers singing for the chance to continue on to next week’s show and keep their hopes alive.

Carson introduced T.J. Wilkins, who will  be singing “I’ll Be.” He also said that there will be an “Instant Save” coming into the mix, which could change everything, when you, America, vote to Save one of the Bottom Three so that he or she will be able to continue on to next week on The Voice.

T.J. has an AMAZING voice, and he WAILED on this song, proving that he’ can really sustain noes for a long time. He deserves to move on, but will America vote, instead, to Save one of the two members of Shakira’s team who are also up for elimination?

Adam: “I’ve always been a fan of yours. It’s hard for me to decide, though, because Shakira has two of her team members up for elimination. You all deserve to be on the show.”

Usher: “I’m talking to America right now, and all I have to say is #VoiceSaveTJ!”

Then, Carson introduced Dani Moz, who will be singing  “Tuning Tables” for her chance to remain in the competition and go on to next week on The Voice. She has a remarkable voice, and it soared to the rafters. It will be a difficult decision for America to make, but two of the three will definitely be going home tonight.

Blake: “What you just did, I think was brilliant!”

Shakira: “America, she has a wide range and can hit almost any note,” she said, trying to get America to keep her two team members alive.

Tess Boyer was up, and she sang “Darkside.” She has a very powerful voice, and she packed a lot of emotion into her performance. How did any of these three get into the position of being the Bottom Three?

Usher: “That was incredible! I’m rooting for you, you know that!”

Shakira: “You’re one of the best singers in the competition! All I have to say is America, #VoiceSaveTess!”

Carson said that the Instant Save starts right now, and America can vote to determine which two will be going home, and which one will be Saved. The results will be announced by Carson right after the next commercial break on The Voice.

“The fate of T.J., Dani, and Tess are still in your hands. The window of voting will be open for just one more minute! Tough night for you, Shakira,” Carson said, as she is risking the potential loss of two of her team members tonight.

Usher said that “This is a true testament of how powerful the Internet is.”

Carson: “Here we go — America Instantly Saved — Tess Boyer is moving on! Saved, Instantly, by America!”

That, of course, means that T.J. Wilkins and Dani Moz will be leaving The Voice, sadly. The good news for Shakira is that at least one of her team members was Saved by the votes of America; but, T.J. and Dani are both great singers, and their presence on the show will be missed. What are your thoughts about tonight’s show, America? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

7 Responses to "The Voice Live Eliminations: Top 12 Become the Terrific 10 (Review)"

  1. Dot   April 28, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    I think all should be saved tomorrow night I like them all

  2. Joe Zubrick   April 23, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    Is there anyway to find out the actual numbers of votes for the “bottom three?” I think it’s so unfair to put one contestant through double jeopardy. In seasons 1-4, it was cut and dried- lowest two vote-getters are eliminated. Now, a third person is at risk, one who might have had significantly more votes than the other two.

    • Douglas Cobb   April 23, 2014 at 11:15 pm

      I’m looking into this excellent question, and left a message at the Facebook page of The Voice, so maybe I’ll get an answer. But, here’s a link to the NBC site that tells the rules about voting and how a competitor can get an Instant Save:

      The way The Voice does the voting does seem to give fans on the West Coast the short end of the stick.

      • Joe Zubrick   April 24, 2014 at 8:53 am

        Well, here’s a thought. Announce the bottom three at the top of the show and allow them to work their contacts (along with their coaches contacts) and prepare themselves for the “final” performances. Post their names in real time on the voice website so that viewers anywhere could be alerted. 5 minutes to vote at the end of the show is ludicrous.

  3. Eric   April 23, 2014 at 11:23 am

    Yah, Dani should have been saved and definitely not Tess. I thought TJ was better than Tess.

  4. Jim   April 22, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    Yeah, Dani definitely outperformed the other two in the last chance performance. They need to quit saying that “America saved” people though when it comes to this Twitter instant save. Those of us on the West Coast are excluded as the broadcast we see is taped so the results are over by the time we see the show.

  5. Nancy   April 22, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    I really think that Dani Moz should have been saved and not even in the bottom 3 at all! C

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