The Following: Betrayal Penalties (Recap/Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

The Following: Betrayal Penalties
Last night’s episode of The Following: Betrayal was all about just that, the act of betraying and in at least one case, the penalties paid by that person for that betrayal. Everyone, it seems, was up for crossing that line and forfeiting trust and falling outside that circle. The episode started where last week’s ended.

Claire stands in the doorway of Ryan’s apartment and he just stands looking. She moves to him and the first words out of his mouth are, “Your name is on a headstone.” Perfectly apt for the situation and as Mike Weston wallows in guilt for his betrayal of Ryan’s trust, Hardy must try to come to terms with Claire being alive. It will take some time for this new truth to sink in.

Joe’s ex-wife is keen to join the “kill Joe Carroll” club and she maintains that her presence will shake her ex-husband to the core which will allow them enough time to put a “bullet through his head.” Hardy wants her to stay out of harm’s way and he lies to her in order to keep her safe in his apartment. On his way out, he tells his niece Max to look after her and that Claire will like her.

But before all this latest trickery, Mandy has met with Mark, the “nice” twin and after being blindfolded she is taken to Lily. Mark asks her where Joe is and Mandy refuses to say. While she did not want to stay with Joe and his new disciples, she still loves him and will not betray him to Lily or her brood. In The Following: Betrayal Carroll’s “adopted” daughter has gone to Joe’s former lover like a lamb to the slaughter and her refusal to betray Joe costs her dearly; her penalties will be deadly ones.

Meanwhile, Pastor Kingston Tanner has taken his attack upon Joe Carroll to a new level and in an interview with Carrie Cook, he calls Joe the “anti-Christ.” After the televised segment, Carrie leaves only to be stopped by Carroll’s followers of Corbin who, after taking out Cook’s driver and bodyguard, tell her to air another message from Joe.

Carroll has decided to strike out at Pastor Tanner, he is doubly angry at the religious leader, not only because of the way he views religion, but because the pastor has used his, Joe’s, name in vain repeatedly to make money.

After Mandy reaches Lily she finds out, much too late, that the price for her to become a part of Lily’s family of killers is Joe’s location. Once murderous matriarch realises that Mandy will not talk, she turns her over to her sociopathic twins to torture the girl into betraying Joe’s whereabouts. Back at the compound, Emma cannot wait to show Joe how Mandy scaled the fence to escape. She also shows Carroll how Mandy contacted Lily.

Joe grabs the “burner” phone to call his former lover, much to Emma’s annoyance, and Lily urges Joe to either tell her himself where he is, or she’ll order Mandy’s death. Carroll refuses and Mandy’s fate is sealed. Joe is visibly upset and it’s clear that he blames Emma.

Tanner’s son has been taken from his college dorm after Carroll’s followers kill the boy’s girlfriend. Ryan and Weston show up and one of Joe’s groupies is killed. As the remainder of Corbin worshippers leave with Tanner’s boy, Hardy follows them leaving Mike behind.

Ryan ditches his phone, after talking to Weston, and tails the van back to the compound. Carrie Cook shows up at Hardy”s apartment where she meets Claire. The two women, who love the same man, look as though they may team up to take Carroll down. Weston and Max are drawing closer and before the credits rolled at the end of the show, a lifeless Mandy is having cake with Lily, Luke and Mark, and Ryan is watching Joe prepare to take Tanner’s son’s life.

The Following: Betrayal was just another step to what promises to be a crescendo of death, violence, and destruction. The penalties yet to be paid, for betraying a trust by not just one but several of the characters, may come about next week. Sadly though, it looks like “little mouse” has paid the heaviest price for her mixture of betrayal and loyalty. RIP Mandy?

By Michael Smith



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