The Internet Is Too Fast for Some

the internetThe internet grows at a steady rate. As users demand more, the internet has to step up and provide new and exciting experiences. The only problem with the speed of advancement is that fact that for some, the rate that the internet excels is just too fast. For every new experience, there has to be new software to accomplish what the developer has in mind. Users have all had one point or another visited a website and have been asked to install a plugin or piece of software to fully experience a website. In the past, users had to deal with downloads such as Flash or JavaScript. The common computer user has no idea what those plugins do. They install these plugins only because they know they have to.

The problem with trusting those plugins is that there are a lot of other malicious plugins out there for users to download and install which will infect their computer and manipulate their internet browser. Programming those plugins have become very easy as well. Almost any website can include a pop-up that will ask users to install some kind of little software plugin for the site. The average user will most likely trust that plugin just as they would Flash and click to install.

There is so much software out on the internet that they are starting to compete with each other. Legitimate software download websites allow competing software companies to post ads right next to the download that the user is actually trying to obtain. The real download button may be to the left of the page. Off to the right, some users are seeing an ad with a similar looking download button. The user can be confused about which download button is the real one. Users will click on the ad and will then be sent to a different website and download completely different software than they intended. Some users may never even notice what happened. This has led to a lot of unwanted malware and viruses in the past.

Users of the internet have used the same password for the past 15 years and do not realize they are doing more harm to the security of their accounts online. The strength of passwords has changed enough so that there are new requirements for passwords. Most online password protection agencies will agree that using longer passwords helps to improve the integrity of security. Yet, users who have grown used to their shorter passwords fail to change them. Some websites try to educate users when created a new password. There are often times a meter or warning when a password is deemed too weak. Even that may not be enough as those meters range from “Good” to “Strong.” Most average users will not realize that “Good” is not good enough. New and improved security measures are released often. They miss the knowledge they should have to protect themselves. Users often do not notice and it slips past them. For some users, the security of the internet is moving too fast for them to understand.

Those who have caught up with the internet and realize that they need strong password do not realize that almost all security measures have holes. Many users are still in belief that a single password will protect their information from people who want it. The internet wants users to trust sites with all of their information. The movement from paper to digital moved too fast. The internet wants us to believe that it is ready with security. The sad thing is that the internet is never fully ready. Big online companies will never tell users the entire truth. They tell users that each account needs to be protected. They tell users that the single connection they have with their online service is secure. What these big online companies fail to tell their users is that the hackers actually fly right over individual accounts and go right after the big company itself. Most users do not keep up with technology and how it effects their online lives. For some, the internet is just as it was when users connect with dial-up modems.

With everything moving to online services, it needs to be understood that there is at least 20 percent of Americans who do use the internet. Also, only half of Americans who do have access to the internet can maintain a solid connection once online. Even with some of the best online service available, users will still battle either slow internet speeds or service interruption. The problem with little or no internet connection is that even things that people used to do either in person or on the phone is migrating online. When someone visits an office or place of business, they will tell you that all of the info you need is online. Stores used to have little pamphlets with basic information. Most stores are doing away with paper and going to an all digital information source. If a person should go to a store and they are out of stock of a certain item, employees are instructed to walk that person to a computer and help them order the item online. Very few stores keep printed catalogs on hand inside their stores. Most catalogs are put online. Even calling a company is no longer as easy as it used to be. Most recorded greetings will tell callers to go on their website to get help. Some company phone lines make it nearly impossible to talk to a live person. These companies make it hard to avoid receiving help on the internet.

Another main problem of the internet is that it is not only moving too fast for some users – it is also moving too fast for itself. The companies responsible for the internet are in too much of a rush to get to the next stage that they forget to check whether they should do it or not. Perhaps the internet should slow down just a bit so that it can catch up with itself.

The notion of moving everything to the internet is rather scary. The internet is not always right. The internet can at times move too fast. Some people can find it hard to keep up with what they are supposed to do. There are some users who do not understand how to pay their bills online. There are some users who do not understand how to protect themselves on the internet. There are some users who just do not want any email. There are some people who want to stay off the internet. It is hard to blame them. Plenty of users are still running around trying to figure what a “hashtag” is.

Opinion by Raul Hernandez


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