The Simpsons Killing Off Bart or Marge?

The SimpsonsWith news that The Simpsons is killing off a major character this upcoming season, there are now speculations that it could be Bart or Marge. However, both of these are highly unlikely. There are so many other options based on the clues that have been given from executive produce Al Jean.

The decision to kill off a character comes from the show losing its audience. The producers need to do something that will shock everyone, and make them want to tune in. One voice actor has stepped forward to say it is none of his characters. Hank Azaria has come forward to say that his characters, including Comic Book Guy and Moe, are safe.

However, Jean has pointed out that it will be a character belonging to a voice actor who won an Emmy. There have been 25 Emmys won since 1992, so there are a lot of characters to choose from. Another hint that it is a major character, but not quite iconic according to the executive producer. Arguably that rules out the likes of Marge and Bart, but it would depend on what is considered iconic for the show.

Is it really possible for The Simpsons to kill off Bart or Marge? Bart is voiced by Nancy Cartwright, who won an Emmy in 1992. It would certainly seem possible based on the initial hint, but his permanent death would spark outrage. He is the trouble-maker, and the one people tune in to see get up to mischief and then try to get out of it. Then there is Marge, the stay-at-home mother voiced by Julie Kavner, who has also won an Emmy. Since she keeps Homer a little more grounded and gets him back on track, there are very slim chances she will be killed off. If she is, most people would probably tune out afterwards.

Marge’s sisters are possibilities considering they are also voiced by Kavner. They would probably not be as missed as Marge, and there would still be one around to torment Homer. It could change the dynamic of that relationship too much though.

Dan Castellaneta has not spoken out about whether his characters on The Simpsons are safe yet. Chances are Homer Simpson is safe, but what about Barney and Groundskeeper Willie? Barney Gumble spends all his time at Moe’s Bar, and a death from his drinking would certainly be realistic. He is a major character, but not quite as iconic as the rest.

Abe is a favorite due to his age. It seems most likely with that in mind, but Jean did state that it is not someone most people would suspect. Is it possible that too many suspect it to be dear old Grandpa?

Finally, a major possibility is Sideshow Bob, who has always been the one trying to kill Bart. Bart has often wanted to get his revenge and gains more confidence each time. Could it be that the 10-year-old cartoon character finally gets his way? This seems to be the favorite for many speculating over the possible characters.

The announcement to kill off a character has sparked interest across the web. Now people just want to know who it will be, and they get to find out in the premiere of the upcoming season. The question on many lips is could The Simpsons really decide to kill off Marge or Bart?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Matt Groneing   May 24, 2014 at 9:33 am

    the only character Krusty’s dad will die (killing off is Hyman Krustofski (only) and Krusty the Clown plans to retire.!! the answer


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