The Ultimate Warrior Cause of Death

the ultimate warriorWrestling fans around the world who have wondered what could end the life of such a powerful man found the answer when the death of The Ultimate Warrior had been ruled a heart attack. The official results of the autopsy were revealed to be “Atherosclerotic/Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease”.

One can view The Ultimate Warrior as the character he wrestled as or one can choose to view him as the man, James Hellwig. His wrestling persona created an excitement through charismatic interviews and wild action inside the ring. Hellwig proved that hard work as a wrestler and a growl through a microphone can make energy flow through any arena. His last appearances showed that even a retired wrestler can still bring a crowd to its feet.

Wrestling fans were treated to Hellwig for three days of wrestling events. Fans erupted when Hellwig appeared on the entrance stage of The WWE Hall of Fame and on WrestleMania XXX the following night. A returning wrestler has not had such an energetic reaction from the fans. The crowd wanted more and on Monday Night RAW, Hellwig gave a speech where he called on his fans to continue his legend. Sadly, the legend wrote its own ending as later that night, Hellwig passed away.

Now that the cause of death of The Ultimate Warrior is known, rumors of drug and substance abuse can be put to rest. Hellwig’s death has been used by the media to bring up old implications that wrestlers have a drug problem. It is an unnecessary ploy to try to link the death of Hellwig to wrestlers in the past who have had their lives cut short by the use of drugs or enhancers.

The true “Warrior Spirit” believes that intensity and strong will can carry oneself into victory. Hellwig portrayed a positive character when the WWE wanted a new “attitude”. The storylines of the WWE shows started to be written to appeal to a more mature audience. Hellwig chose not take part of the new storylines and made his return now that the overall feel of the WWE has toned back down.

The WWE as a company has expressed its sadness and has honored Hellwig with a wonderful dedication during the latest Monday Night RAW. With future presentations about Hellwig in the works, the WWE has no plans on forgetting what an important role Hellwig played in the success of the company’s past.

The current generation of wrestling fans does not have another wrestler of the same magnitude as Hellwig and missed out on seeing him take control of the ring and the crowd. While wrestling still remains entertaining, there is no substitute for a man who can get an entire arena excited just by running to the ring and shaking the top rope. There will never be performer as good as Hellwig.

The cause of the death of The Ultimate Warrior does not matter as his legacy will live on as the fans, his legend makers, will continue to tell his story for decades to come. As the arena is emptied and lights are turned off, there will still be a chant for his name. The “Warrior Spirit” will rage on.

Opinion by Raul Hernandez


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