The Voice Live Top Ten Performances (Review)

The Voice The Live Top Ten Performances (Review)
On The Voice tonight, the season is down to the Top Ten performers. Last week, two of Shakira’s three team members were up for elimination, and she was facing the possibility of being down to only one team member. Fortunately for her, just one of her team members was eliminated, though one is more than enough at this stage of the season. Rixton will be singing their hit song “Me and My Broken Heart.”

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, introduced the four judges/coaches, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Usher, and Shakira. Then, he said that Rixton would now sing “Me and My Broken Heart.” It’s a great song, and a fantastic way to kick off this episode of The Voice.

Adam brought in as a mentor for his team Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, and Nash.  Graham speaks first to Adam’s first performer of the evening on The Voice, Kat Perkins. She said that she, and her dad, were big fans of Nash.  Kat will be singing the beautiful Fleetwood Mac song, “Landslide.”

Kat invoked her Inner Stevie Nicks as she sang this awesome song. She held the audience spellbound with her incredible performance.  She will be a hard act to follow, and deserves to move on to next week.

Blake said that the loved the layers and depth to her voice, and Usher says he’s happy that Kat showed a different side of herself. Shakira said that Stevie Nicks has a mastery of singing the vibrato, and adds that it was a great performance.

Adam really thought it was an inspiring performance, and thought it was great that it could be shared with a generation who might never have heard it before.

Shakira’s mentor for her team is the producer, Busbee. Tess Boyer will be the first performer from her team, and she will be singing the Paramore song “Ain’t It Fun.” Shakira wants her to be sassier when she performs. It’s a cool, upbeat song, and Tess does an AWESOME job singing it.

Blake claims he’s just tweeted out Adam’s personal cell phone number. He says: “I just tweeted your personal cell phone number, you moron.”

Adam is in disbelief; and says “Seriously? that’s not cool,”  but, he soon starts getting phone calls from his fans, and Usher says “Oh, yes, he did.”

Audra McLaughlin from Team Blake is the next performer to take the stage. Blake has chosen as his team’s mentor Scott Hendricks, and the song he’s picked for Audra to sing is “You Lie” by Reba McIntyre. Blake says it’s “a song that will showcase Audra’s range. “

Audra NAILS this song, and gives a powerful performance of it, packing a lot of emotion into her performance. She has an AMAZING voice. The audience, and Blake, give Audra a standing ovation.

Usher: “It sucks. No, I can’t do that. You have an incredible, amazing voice.’

Shakira: “You’re gonna stay on. You’re gonna be in the Top Five. That was amazing!”

Adam: “That was just a world-class vocal performance.” He also tells Blake about giving out his cell phone number “that was not cool at all.”

Blake says “We all know what an incredible performer you are. You had one of those ‘Moments’.”

When The Voice returned from a commercial break, Carson said: “Now, let’s focus on Team Usher and his team member, Josh Kaufman.”

Before Josh performs, we get to see him talking on the phone to his wife and children. The song that Usher gives Josh to sing is Kenny Loggins’ hit, “This Is It.”  Ushers’ team mentor is the R&B star, and the producer of many of his hits, Natural.

Usher thinks that Josh sounds good enough already to be on the radio. As Josh began singing “This Is It,” his cool, soulful voice took over and got the audience clapping along a she performed. Josh did an INCREDIBLE job singing this song, and he showed he can hit some of the higher notes very well, also.

As Shakira put it: “You hit the highs and the lows.”

Adam agreed, and again bemoaned the fact that he onc ehad Josh as a team member and let him go. He said “The more I hear you sing, the more I regret my stupid decision, but the better for you. Congratulations; I loved it!”

Blake said it was like he was listening to a record. He said that for himself to be able to make a record like that “would take me a week in a studio.”

Usher said that “you have the ability to sing higher parts like Adam. I hope to see you around much longer.”

Next up after another commercial break on The Voice, Carson introduced Christina Grimmie from Team Adam. She loved meeting Graham Nash. The song that Usher chose for her to sing was “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” by Drake.

Graham asked her is she “loved the song,” and Christina said that she did. As she sang the Drake hit, she accompanied herself on the piano, displaying her dual talents to their utmost. The stage was dark, with only Christina lit up with a red glowing light.

Christina’s voice soared up into the rafters. She has a very beautiful voice, and this song was a great choice for her. The audience clapped along, and after she finished the song, they gave her a standing ovation.

Blake said that he thought Adam “got even with him for the phone thing,” by having such a great performer on his team. Blake added: “You went from being a singer to an artist right before our eyes.”

Usher agreed, saying to Christina: “I think you earned a spot in the fianls with that performance.”

Shakira said “That was insane, what you just did.”

Adam claimed that he had nothing to do with how well Christina sang that song. He said that “I had nothing to do with this. The choice was all hers. There’s no ceiling for how proud I am of you.’

After The Voice came back from a commercial break, Carson said “Welcome back to The Voice. Here’s more from Jake Worthington.” Blake has chosen him a George Strait song to sing, “Run.”

Jake tells Blake: “Those are some mighty big boots to fill.”

Blake says of his team member:  “Jake is just  a good dude.”

Jake is thrilled to meet with Scott Hendricks. Scott tells him “You tend to push a little bit sharp.”

Jake sings the CRAP out of this song! He does a really good job with it, and has the audience clapping along as he signs. He got right up to the edge of the stage, and touched his hands to those of the audience.  He got a standing ovation, ‘natch.

Usher: “I know it’s a lot to come out here every week and give a performance like that. I know how hard it is to come out and give a performance like that, but you do it. Congratulations, man.’

Shakira: “You’re still here. that’s remarkable. I’m so proud of you.”

Adam: “You’re so confident and matter-of-fact about telling us a story. “

Blake: “That was solid, such a great performance. If George Strait saw that, he would be proud. You represent everybody between L.A. and New York City. You laid your heart out on the stage. There’s not a fake thing about you. I respect you very much.”

Carson: “When we come back, Bria Kelly and Delvin Choice will be singing.”

Adam disgustedly tells Blake, regarding his cell phone (which has kept ringing), that “You know what, you can have my phone right now.”

Carson says that it’s time for Bria Kelly of Team Usher to take the stage next. Usher says to Bria “You are winning over America right now.” Bria loves meeting Natural, and seems to be very impressed by him.

“You’re like a Ferrari which goes from 0 to 200 in 5 seconds,” Usher tells her.

Carson then introduces Bria Kelly, who sings the Avril Lavigne song,  “I’m With You.” Usher says that he song will be her “greatest challenge. ” The audience loves how she’s doing, though, and cheers as she sings. She has such a powerful, soaring voice. She, also, gets a standing ovation.

Shakira: “This song allowed you to challenge yourself. It’s young, and has attitude. It’s a difficult song to pull off. It showed that you really put your heart and soul into this song.”

Adam: ‘You’re one of my favorites, Bria. For some reason, I didn’t feel you were as totally connected with this song. I’m only telling you in your best interests. We love you so much.”

Blake: “It was like a completely different artist up there tonight. It was completely different for you. I can’t wait to hear what Usher says.”

Usher: “To be typecast in a genre is not good. I think I learned a different aspect about your voice. If you stay connected to it, you’ll be great. and that’s what I loved about it.”

Carson: “Give it up for Bria Kelly! Coming up next, Delvin choice takes on Gary Clark, Jr.”

After the break on The Voice, Delvin choice was the next one up from Team Adam. He got to meet Graham Nash, ans Adam mentioned how important Graham was to his career.

Nahs: “This kid’s got talent, and I think he’s gonna really drill it home.”

Delvin Choice sang the Gary Clark song  “Bright Lights.” The audience clapped along as he sang this memorable song, with its famous repeated line of “You’re going to know my name.”

Delvin seemed to really be in his element as he sang. He unleashed with this soulful tune, and had the audience in the palms of his hands. He got a standing ovation.

Blake: “I’ve never seen Carson collaborate with an artist before. You keep on taking it to the next level. You have such talent and passion.”

Usher: “I felt like you bring out the gospel in it, and I loved it.”

Adam: “You used the audience! This was one of the most electric endings of any song.”

Carson: “Give it up for Delvin Choice!”

Back from break, Carson introduced Shakira’s country singer Kristen Merlin. Shakira introduced her to Busbee, who has produced acts like Rascal Flatts. She will be singing  “Let Her Go” by Passenger.

“Most importantly, she has to emote,” Shakira says about Kristen and how she can best connect with the audience.

Kristen had the audience clapping right from the start as she sang this beautiful song. She elicited screams from the females at various points in her rendition. Kristen has a really amazing voice, and this song was perfect for her. She got a standing ovation.

Adam: ‘Man, I’m so happy the mike was on the entire time. I still base my whole idea of grace under pressure on that moment. Congratulations on that great performance.”

Blake: “That was my favorite performance yet by you. You always look comfortable when you perform.”

Shakira: “You’re like an onion, with layers. We’re starting to see the real Kristen. I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished.”

Carson said that there was one more artist to go on The Voice. With an unexpected song choice, Sisaundra of Team Blake sang the 80s rock song “Oh, Sherri” by Journey.

Sisaundra began the song with musical accompaniment. She has a very powerful voice, and WAILED on this song! The audience clapped as she belted it out. What a TERRIFIC performance, and a great way to close out the evening on The Voice!

The audience and Blake gave her a standing ovation.

Usher: “”You gave an incredible performance. It’s going to definitely benefit you.”

Adam: “Everyone look up. There used to be a roof in here, but it’s gone. Thank you for blowing it off.”

Blake: “She sang the CRAP out of that song! Unbelievable! You make me look so smart, and nobody’s been able to do that!’

Adam: ‘It’s so rare!”

Carson: “Voting is now officially open! Thank you for watching.”

There you have it, America! The Top Ten performers left on The Voice Season Six gave some of the best performances we’ve seen so far, and they’ve made the decision about who to vote for a difficult one. “Landslide,” by Kat Perkins was a fantastic beginning to the episode, and it built from there.

The other competitors on The Voice, Bria Kelly, Audra McLaughlin, Delvin Choice, Christina Grimmie, Jake Worthington, and Tess Boyer, Josh Kaufman and Sisaundra Lewis gave it their all and left their hearts on the stage. Who will get your votes, America? Which two do you think will be eliminated? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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    I love Bria Kelly but I think her coach is doing her an injustice by picking the wrong songs for her. Last week when shakira and Adam said she was back and has some ups and downs I have to ask whos fault is that? Not Brias. Can u imagine her singing Janis Joplin? Its too bad my favorite singer has been mismanaged t

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