‘The Walking Dead’ Book Series Receives Four New Novels

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The Walking Dead book series has received great remarks from fans, which is why Robert Kirkman, the creator of the show with the same name has joined forces again with writer Jay Bonansinga to come up with four new novels. The first one is named Descent and will be released on October 14. At the same time, Kirkman also revealed that the show’s fifth season premiere will offer answers to all questions fans have after watching the last episode of season four and assured them the trademark deaths of major characters will continue.

The Walking Dead will continue with its fifth season, but the show is not the only story that will be prolonged; the book series also receives four new novels and the first one will be released on October 14. Creator Robert Kirkman joined forces again with Jay Bonansinga and brought Lilly Caul, a character from the comic book back. Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly that he is thrilled to work with Bonansinga again and, according to him, “there is quite a bit of unexplored territory left in The Walking Dead universe.” At the same time, the creator is convinced that fans “are going to love what Jay brings to this world in this medium.”

Season Five Expectations

Apart from the book series which will receive four new novels, AMC’s zombie horror drama The Walking Dead also counts on its upcoming season to make its fans even more excited about Rick Grimes’ transformation into a true monster. Season four finale offered a real cliffhanger, but Kirkman promises to answer all pressing questions in the first episode of the next season.

Entertainment Weekly found out that Kirkman is thrilled to focus on a new Rick Grimes who “will do absolutely anything to survive” and that The Walking Dead has not become softer; in season five, many characters will be killed, but the creator insists that the show does not want to become predictable, even when it comes to spilling blood.

According to Kirkman, Rick’s transformation is essential and fans will see a changed leader who can handle any situation, especially the one in which he is trapped in Terminus along with his son and friends. At the same time, he promised that all questions will be answered in the first episode of the upcoming season, including what happened to the other major characters. The Walking Dead season five welcomes new characters and, although fans have been wondering about Gareth’s plans and believe that the people from Terminus are cannibals, the creator offers an important detail: this character “is based on someone in the comics.” Kirkman also added that he will become a major character in the fifth season, so fans should not underestimate him.

Comic Books: The Engine of the Series

Both The Walking Dead book series and television show have found their inspiration in the comic books, so it is natural that the fifth novel will focus on Lilly Caul, the central character who survives the apocalypse and goes to Woodbury. According to the comic book franchise, she goes back to the ruined town and tries to rebuild it, but one cannot know where the plot of the new novel goes. Although The Walking Dead book series will receive a total of four new novels, the first one will be released on October 14.

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