Titanfall Getting New DLC


Respawn studio’s smash hit, Titanfall, has been met with high acclaim with its fast-paced gameplay and innovative controls. Not to mention, the game alone has been a major console seller for the Xbox One, given its status as an exclusive to Microsoft. Since its announcement, and all the way up to the release the game has been a snowball of anticipation and excitement, with the back of the game box even bearing the quote “Believe the hype.” While the game certainly brings fresh aspects to a long since stale genre, the lack of a truly immersive story experience as well as a limited arsenal of titan and pilot customizations ultimately ends up sullying what the game can really offer. However, this may change in May for Titanfall, as at PAX East this past weekend, Respawn announced plans for their game to get some exciting new DLC.

The content will be known as Titanfall Expedition. The expansion will bring more to the campaign mode to push the story further along, and also bring three new maps to the players. The maps include a forest oriented level featuring large trees for pilots on foot to jump from, called “Swampland,” a water themed map called “Runoff,” and a map based off a training simulation called “War Games.” Titanfall Expedition will likely run players as much as a standard expansion pack for any other run of the mill shooter game, however, Respawn is also looking in to providing new game types, including a two on two version of “Last Titan Standing.” Alongside of this, they are also considering way to customize titan appearances and finding new things to implement into their already established game modes. These game types and add ons will be provided in upcoming patches to the game, and will be integrated into the game for free. Players can get into the action going on in the new game types, whether they choose to shell out the cash for the new Titanfall DLC or not.

A recent trend in multiplayer online competitive shooters is the dreadful Day One DLC, extra content that the developer chose to release outside of the game for reasons that most players speculate is simply more profit. While Titanfall has spared its player base from this, getting new DLC two months after release still cuts it a little close. Another side of this coin, however, is that with an online only game like this, players that have season pass access have a gift that simply keeps on giving. Since Titanfall had the content of only about half of a game to begin with, it is likely that players will see more and more new content from Respawn Entertainment in the coming future. This release will likely have gamers asking the question: is this enough? Will this DLC make Titanfall a game that feels complete? Or will the players need even more from Respawn? Certainly three maps and a few more missions added on to a somewhat boring campaign leaves much to be desired, however, Titanfall can still hold on to the promise of becoming a great game, if only the developers could just put a little bit more meat on its bones.

Opinion by Michael Foster


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