Toddler Expelled From Daycare for Using Profanity

3-year-old expelled from daycare for foul languageJubilee Child Development Center in San Antonio, Texas has expelled a three-year-old girl for using profanity. This faith-based daycare has a zero tolerance for profanity. Arianna is not the first child the school has released because of it; another child was banned a few months ago.

Cassandra Wright, Arianna’s mother, feels the center should have let the child know that this is not a word she should say as opposed to putting her out of the school. Wright says she does not condone her child cursing but disagrees with the disciplinary action the school chose.

Wright says she does not use profanity in her home and is not sure where her daughter learned the word. She doubts that Arianna even knows what the word “s**t” means. When Wright asked her daughter what word she used in school said she replied “animal.”

According to its website Jubilee Child Development Center has been educating and building character in a loving environment since 2005. The daycare center is a subsidiary of Jubilee Outreach Church.

The director for daycare center, Alissa Blankenship, says their policy is based on their belief that profanity spreads very easily. She also said the school does not believe this as an isolated incident. Blankenship says she worries that the child may say it again because she laughed after saying it.

The center’s director went on to say Jubilee Child Development Center is a private facility and reserves the right to dismiss any child they feel is not in the school’s best interest. Blankenship said as a parent herself there are always choices and decisions that have to be made.

Wright said not only was she devastated by the severity of her daughter’s punishment but she is very hurt. She saidToddler Expelled From Daycare for Using Profanity this method of discipline is too severe because Arianna is not old enough to realize what she was saying.

It is not uncommon for a faith-based school to have a tighter policy than a traditional school. The child’s punishment may seem harsh but the school has to protect the other children as well as their brand.

Children have several opportunities to hear foul language even when it is not from their immediate environment. This, however, does not minimize a school’s choice of discipline as it relates to profanity. Jubilee has a zero tolerance policy and has chosen to ban children who violate their established boundary.

When parents first hear foul language coming from their child’s mouth they must immediately began to strategize in hopes of eliminating the risk of their child becoming a repeat offender. Oft times telling a toddler that a word is bad does not hinder them; instead it can increase their fascination with using the word.

One strategy might be to explain to the toddler why the word is inappropriate and provide the child with substitute language. This type of strategy simply redirects the child. Ask the child if they know what the word they have chosen means and finally establish or reinforce the boundary which eliminates the use of foul language by adding consequences.

Wright has already stated that she does not agree with the consequence the daycare chose. It is unfortunate and may seem harsh to many, but little Arianna will now have to attend a new school and her mother will need to implement ways to avoid a repeat of this incident.

Jubilee Child Development Center has expelled three-year-old Arianna for using foul language. This faith-based daycare, located in San Antonio, Texas, has a zero tolerance for profanity.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. Beverly Osborne   April 7, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    Baseball has 3 strikes before you are out. Same with jail. ..but not a little kid school. What’s wrong with this picture? ? God forgives but not the Christian school? ?


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