Topless Woman Goes Berserk Destroying a Florida McDonald’s

floridaA disturbed and distraught Florida woman apparently was not “lovin‘ it” as she went berserk, destroying and laying waste to the dining room area of a local McDonald’s restaurant. Surveillance cameras caught the entire incident on film, and the footage has now gone viral making its way all across the Internet. The video footage shows a woman dressed only in a pair of skimpy underwear bashing her head against the counter and pushing cash registers onto the floor.

The woman, Sandra Suarez, 41, continued her rampage by tipping over a refrigerator and slamming around some of the equipment on the opposite side of the counter. All of that Godzilla-like destruction apparently leaves one in need of a bit of refreshment, as the bizarre incident came to a close with the Florida resident getting a face full of soft-serve ice cream. The video footage is narrated by several employees and features a fair bit of nudity and language, which is why it is not posted here. Watching the video should be done with care as it is clearly inappropriate for work time viewing.

According to a recent report from a local Florida news station, the topless woman who went berserk, destroying the dining room of the McDonald’s, has been arrested and charged with resisting arrest and criminal mischief. Suarez is not the only one who suffered repercussions for her actions, as the employees who posted the video footage have been fired.

While the incident is pretty much the definition of strange, what makes things a bit weirder is that Suarez was found not to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. At this time, no one knows for sure what prompted the incident. Perhaps Suarez was having a bad day or was under a lot of stress. Mental breakdowns present themselves in a number of different ways. The underlying cause may stem from some other type of mental disorder that is just now coming to the surface. Suarez herself says it was the result of a bipolar episode, so perhaps she was not taking medication for her condition at the time of the incident.

Unfortunately, regardless of what caused the event, Suarez will forever be immortalized in the infamous viral video, with naughty bits exposed to the world for eternity. Family members and children, if she has any, will be able to access the video and see the horrifying images of a loved one clearly in need of help embarrassing themselves on camera. This is an important lesson for modern society to learn. No one can escape the gaze of a video camera. Just about everyone has them on their phone. Businesses have them for security purposes, and lest anyone forgets, the government has them stuffed away in every nook and cranny as well. With cameras everywhere, people need to basically behave in public as if every movement is being recorded on camera, because more than likely it is. One thing is for sure, this Florida woman will have a hard time living down the day she stormed topless into a McDonald’s and went berserk destroying everything in her path.

Opinion by: Michael Cantrell

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