‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ to Be First of New Trilogy

transformersAnyone that gets tingles quivering through their spinal column from watching giant robots that change into various machines and animals fight each other is going to be super excited to hear that Transformers: Age of Extinction is going to be the first installment in a new trilogy for the franchise. In a recent interview, director Michael Bay says there are plans for at least two more robot slugfests, indicating that the Autobots and Decepticons are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Bay, the master of blow-everything-to-smithereens blockbusters, said he does not consider this movie to be a fourth installment of the original trilogy, but as a reboot. While there are plans for two more Transformers films, he did not say what type of involvement, if any, he would have with the projects. The idea of Bay not being involved in additional Transformers movie projects is sure to have the die-hard fanboys of the franchise skipping through the daisies, singing songs about rainbows and lollipops. Hardcore fans of the series have been unhappy with the direction the famous action director has taken with their childhood heroes, noting how the movies are super heavy on action, but skimpier than Miley Cyrus’s concert wardrobe when it comes to story and character development.

Many fans were elated when the news broke that Shia LaBeouf would not be reprising the role of Sam Witwicky for the fourth installment in the series. Bay and company decided that an older, wiser, and more mature leading man was necessary, so they hired Mark Wahlberg for the cast. The idea of Transformers: Age of Extinction being the first film in a new trilogy should be music to the actors ears, as it means getting to play the lead character in a movie with gigantic fighting robots, not to mention it comes with a decent paycheck.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new Transformers film is the addition of the Dinobots. The origin of the Dinobots varies, depending on the source material. In the comic book series released in 1985, they were originally a special forces type unit that crashed landed during the time of the dinosaurs, camouflaging themselves as the big beasts, while Optimus and the gang took an eons long nap in the dirt. Fans of the 1980’s cartoon series will recall that Optimus and the Autobots created the Dinobots as a weapon to use against their sworn enemies, being inspired by fossilized dinosaur bones. With a cool origin story like that, it is hard not to be excited about Optimus Prime putting down a mechanical Tyrannosaur.

Bay has not released any information about which route he plans to take in order to bring the Dinobots into the film series, saying that audiences will have to wait to see the movie in order to find out what brings them to earth. Another character, sort of like a mercenary, has been added to the mix as well. Bay said the character works for someone who is not too happy with the Transformers rubbing shoulders with humans.

While many fans might still be against the film, clutching onto their old DVD or VHS copies of the cartoon movie made ages ago, this project seems likely to deliver an entertaining time for moviegoers, whether you are a fan of the franchise or not. Those who are displeased with Michael Bay’s vision have a glimmer of hope since Transformers: Age of Extinction is the first of a new trilogy that may see Bay’s departure for future installments.

By Michael Cantrell
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