Kathleen Sebelius Resigns after Disastrous Obamacare Rollout

Kathleen SebeliusToday Kathleen Sebelius resigned from her position after the disaster of a roll-out for Obamacare. Obamacare better known as the Affordable Care Act was first rolled out in September of 2013. The Affordable Care Act was passed in to law by President Barrack Obama on March 23, 2010. The website, healthcare.gov, is how individuals sign up for the Affordable Care Act. The website has had some problems in its debut to say the least.

Sebelius was appointed the HHS secretary by Obama in April of 2009. Sebelius is a former governor for Kansas and state insurance commissioner. She has had to weather a tremendous amount of criticism over the roll-out. Besides the fact that the actual website had problems, the cost to the public has been above and beyond what it should take. Sebelius should have no argument what-so-ever for the criticism she has had to endure. It was her job to make a smooth transition for the public to be able to sign up. Due to her lack of competence, the Affordable Care Act was in jeopardy.

First the website itself had issues that were unbelievable to even the average tech. The website crashed regularly the first month of its roll-out. The problems were fixed for the most part as time had gone on, but even on the last day for the public to sign up, the website crashed. So even after six months of up and running, the website is vulnerable to collapse. This is a problem for those who have paid for the website, the American public. It is embarrassing to say the least for Sebelius, to even mention the cost. The cost to the public has topped the $1billion mark. How is that even possible? One problem is that Sebelius and the administration will not release the actual numbers to break down the cost. So now the public must pay for something and then are not allowed to see where their money is going? This has been a disaster to say the least and the Obamacare roll-out can be attributed to the incompetence of Kathleen Sebelius, and her resignation is welcomed.

Obama defended Sebelius on all fronts of the debacle. A number of representatives of Congress had called for the resignation of Sebelius from the start but Obama stuck with her. This is a move that most business leaders would never allow in their company. Obama stated that she was to see it through being that she was there from the beginning. That can be understood being the importance of getting it right and passing it on to someone who may not have been a part of developing the website and the roll-out. With the cost of the website being over $1billion and not really meeting the goals set by HHS, a company would go out of business, and quickly.

The task put before Sebelius may have been out of reach for anyone. The Affordable Care Act was a complete overhaul of the health care and insurance system. There is no excuse for the way things were rolled out on Sebelius’ part. At the very least she should have been honest with the American public and said the whole law needed to be put on hold while all the kinks were worked out. To put a product out before it is ready is asking for failure.

The other side of this is that Obamacare is a mandatory sign up. So for the general public, they are required by law to sign up without excuse or they will be fined, wait, taxed is the word used now. Not to mention that the law has been changed by the Obama administration approximately 36 times. This is no help to Sebelius when the law continues to change. It was not that long ago that Obama was out on the bully pulpit doing a victory lap over the success of meeting their goal of seven million signed up. After breaking those numbers down, they found out that only 1.2 million had not had insurance prior to Obamacare. That means that approximately six million were previously on some sort of health care plan, more than likely they were the ones who had been kicked off of their plan because of Obamacare. So the success that Obama is gloating about is over 1.2 million people at the cost of $1billion.  Was it really necessary to overhaul the entire health care system to cover those people? Is there not a program out there already called Medicare that could have covered these people? It just appears to be a disaster on so many fronts that a person starts to question the whole law.

Although Sebelius is responsible for the way Obamacare was rolled out, there are others who deserve to take some of the blame. The Canadian based company that built the website is either incompetent or they intentionally screwed things up. Either one is not good and does not sit well with the public. In saying goodbye to Sebelius, the President expressed a deep gratitude for her service, which will be tainted by his signature piece of legislature. In resigning today, Kathleen Sebelius will be synonymous with the disastrous roll-out of Obamacare, whether it becomes a success or not.

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