Malaysia Airlines Incident Good Reason for New Psychic Black Box

 Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines seems to be one of those complicated mysteries that has most everyone teetering on the edges of seats around the world. Whether that anticipation is perceived as appalled or bereaved, the fact remains that there are human lives out there that are still unaccounted for. Whenever there is an announcement pertaining to any sort of emerging piece of evidence, it seems to build even more discouragement as each lead appears to be just another reminder it is time to start searching again. Since there seems to be not much in the way informational leads as to what might have happened before the disappearance of the airplane, this could be one of those conundrums that may take more time than anticipated in order to solve. If only there was a way to predict what seems to come across as a good reason to be deemed as the unpredictable, maybe the Malaysia Airlines incident could have been prevented in some way with a new psychic black box that is used for predicting catastrophic events before it happens.

Incidentally, a team of scientific investigators may have already come up with a possible solution on how to prevent an incident like that of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappearance with a new concept that is assumed to be designed by way of quantum physics. In the late 1970’s, Professor Robert Jahn of Princeton University located in New Jersey is believed to have developed the initial blueprint that would lay the groundwork for a future project that consists of a combination of psychic power and technology. Since then, scientific researchers at universities located from around the globe have gathered together in a joint effort to investigate into the assumed powers of the paranormal collaborated with technology using a device similar to the Edinburgh black box. This fascinating phenomenal device is part of the Global Conscious Project conducted by Dr. Roger Nelson of Princeton University. The project consists of an experiment that tests the possibility of creating advanced generator-type devices that may be able to predict the oncoming moment of a major event. These generators that are being tested are referred to as “eggs,” and are said to be kindred in capabilities of recording specific data in the same related manner as that of a flight data recorder. By having this kind of “psychic” ability, these new black boxes could be not only reasonably beneficial for Malaysia Airlines, but also for all airlines who may want to prevent tragic aviation incidents.

These “eggs” have reportedly been set up at various locations around the world as part of this experimentation in order to observe the statistical parameters associated with sound wave particles that have been transformed into energy that the microchip inside of the “eggs” can read. Inside of the eggs are Random Event Generators (REG) which are considered to be the “brains” of the device by generating a random sequence of numbers that ultimately translate into a code. Needless to say, the more the erratic behavior displayed by the “egg,” the more likelihood of a possible being major event that will soon occur. During these scientific studies, this device is believed to have accurately predicted the events of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York at approximately four hours prior to when these two airplane were flown into the buildings. In addition to these findings, the device is said to have shown an increased amount of data output prior to other major global events, anywhere from the Nato bombing of Yugoslavia to the funeral of Princess Diana. In other words, there is a good possibility that if this “psychic” black box could have been within a reasonable range of the missing Malaysia Airlines before it disappeared off the radar, opportunities for the authorities to implement a good plan of intervention may have increased.

Opinion by Stephanie Tapley

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