Treblinka Nazi Death Camp Unearthed Exposing The Truth

TreblinkaNazi death camp Treblinka, in Poland, was recently unearthed by archeologists showing that this camp truly existed exposing  the truth of 60 years of unanswered hate crimes. Sadly, at the end of the war, no one was liberated by the Allied troops or the reality of the gas chambers that had been disguised as different types of buildings was photographed and the horrors that were conducted inside were exposed. The Nazis tore down Treblinka, bulldozed the ground, planted crops and even erected a farm-house before the truth of their hate crimes against the Jewish people. Exposing this truth would add to Germany’s already low self-esteem of losing two world wars. Treblikna, like the other death camps, would become an indelible stain on the German nation that people would not soon forget. The sins of the fathers will be visited upon their children, and will be unearthed.

Where did that intolerable hatred stem from and why was it not stopped dead in its tracks before it steamrolled into what is known as the Holocaust? The man behind it of course was Adolph Hitler. In the beginning, as history has recorded, Germany suffered a deliberating blow to their pride as they lost World War I. They were in a depression economically and Hitler rose up in the ranks promising he would bring Germany back to its former glory and that is exactly what happened. The people were looking for a “savior-type” person who would pick them up by their bootstraps and would do anything to show their support, even be willing to let the hate crimes stay buried for 60 years.

They just needed to buy into Hitler’s hate philosophy and do their part on what he preached.  It was because of the Jew that Germany lost World War I and the only way to purify Germany was to eradicate the Jew from their country by forcing the jewish people into death camps like Treblinka. When it was all over and everything was said and done, Germany was destroyed and over 6 million Jewish men, women, and children had been put to death. The German populace were suckered into buying his lie and too frightened to take a stand. So why then, did the German people not stop Hitler’s killing machine? Fear for the most part, but underneath their fear, they were living in a state of denial. Even when reports filtered down of what the Nazis were doing to the Jewish people, they refused to believe it, as they could not believe someone could be that inhumane. It was only after the war that their eyes were wide open to the reality of the atrocities that lay before them. Genocide, ugly and smelly as a trash heap.

What was Hitler’s underlying issue? Why attack a people group who had nothing to do with Germany losing WWI? Is it not possible that many of the soldiers who fought alongside of Hitler were Jewish? For the moment take that as a possibility, that Hitler’s comrades in arms were Jewish and they could have been friends. That would mean that even though Germany surrendered, Hitler turned his back on them and the future dictators agenda of hate crimes was soon to come to fruition. So his issue? At the very heart of it all was crushed national pride and fear. People who are bullies behave that way because they have low self-esteem and they are afraid. Afraid to let someone in for fear of rejection. They look for someone else to blame in order to take the attention off themselves and make themselves feel better.

This whole “Blame Game” has been going on since the fall of Adam and Eve. After they both ate from the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, and God confronted them, what happened? Adam blamed God for the woman he gave him (sorry guys, Adam was there when Eve was being tempted. So stop blaming women for the fall). Eve then blamed the serpent for deceiving her. No one took responsibility for their actions. Sin, is at the very heart of all that is evil in this world ( Romans 3:9-18,23) and it was sin that drove Hitler to that insanity. Sadly, this insanity is still seen today in the hate groups and anti-Semitic groups all over the world.

So why does this still exist? Because it is easier for people to blame others for their own short-comings than it is to accept the responsibility that they as individuals, are to blame and are sinful. Is there a cure for this? Most certainly! However trying to cover it up like the Nazis with the Treblinka death camp will not make things better, it will only compound the issue at hand. It must be brought into the light. Darkness has no power and flees when it is exposed to the light as everything becomes open and bare to everyone involved. So honesty, is the starting point. It may seem scary at first, but all must do it.

Secondly, admit the wrong. What is not being said is too bad so sad. People who are sitting in prison are sad. Not for what they did, but for getting caught. What is being said, is to admit the guilt. Do not deny or try to sugarcoat the issue at hand as it does nothing but keep people in bondage and make them more bitter. Finally, make restitution. Stop and think how much animosity would be lessened if people actually did what it would take to heal the offense. No one can erase the past, nor can it be covered up and say it never existed, or put on makeup to gloss it over. What can be done is admit the wrong, learn from it, and chose not to follow in its footsteps, and never try to keep dirty little secrets buried until they are unearthed. The world must never allow hate crimes repeat itself like what was done at Treblinka and stay unearthed for 60 years.

Opinion by John Thomas

Stephanie Pappas: Live Science Magazine
Complete Jewish Bible(Printed).

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  1. mangog7117   May 21, 2014 at 8:49 am

    What absolute TRASH. The Holocaust is a complete lie and only idiots with zero interest in researching the TRUTH will ever know. 870,000 people ‘murdered’ with not one single trace, WHAT?????. European colonists murdered countless indigenous people and American reservations are real Death Camps grow up and stop believing such nonsense written for brain dead clowns.


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