Twitter Is the Best Social Media Site for Small Businesses

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Experts are saying that Twitter is becoming the best popular social media site for small businesses. Social media as a whole has become the most popular method of communicating with friends and family across the globe. A person can even start friendships and business relationships with people they have never met in person. As Facebook is losing its popularity, Twitter is quickly replacing the once trendy social media giant for advertising and marketing small businesses.


As Twitter is becoming the best and most accepted social media site for small businesses, Facebook’s popularity is quickly declining. Most experts are comparing the decline of the once trendy social media site to MySpace. Sources say that Facebook could lose approximately 80 percent of its users by the year 2017. The same sources have also reported that the majority of users who sign up for a social network initially have expectations to stay indefinitely, but ultimately lose interest as their peers lose interest. Professor Daniel Miller of University College London is one source that has studied the speedy decline of Facebook. Miller stated that simpler social networks such as Twitter and Instagram are eventually going to replace Facebook.


When it comes to marketing and advertising a business, the majority of business owners want to join a social media site that is easy to learn and does not take much time to read messages and engage with potential clients. One reason why Twitter is preferred over Facebook for marketing purposes is because the former has a platform that is easy to navigate. Also, it is not difficult for business owners to tweet relevant information to their audience. A tweet can be 140 characters or less.


Another reason why Twitter is becoming popular among small businesses is because users do not have to wait for a conversation. In contrast, Facebook users have to wait for a prospect to find his or her fan page and then decide to initiate conversation. Once a business owner sets up a Twitter account, he or she can begin conversing with other users immediately. If the tweets are written properly to market your business, other users can favorite or retweet the tweets to their followers. This is how small businesses can gain popularity and gain more followers.


The recent new design of Twitter has also made it easier for small business owners to create a Twitter account and begin tweeting relevant information for their followers to read. There is now an option to select a customized theme for the businesses profile page.


More and more small businesses are catching on to the latest craze of Twitter because they realize it is the best social media site to market their brand. As long as a person uses Twitter correctly, then he or she will be amazed of how many users are willing to follow the company’s timeline and engage in conversation. Twitter is becoming the best social media site and most popular among small businesses because it does not take a lot of time to write a tweet. The tweet can be a few words followed by a link to, for example, a related blog article found on the Internet.


Commentary by Bridget Cunningham



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