UFC Game Will Have a Playable Bruce Lee Digital Avatar [Video]


In a huge announcement today, Electronic Arts Inc. and the ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) revealed that the legendary martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee, will be immortalized in the upcoming EA Sports UFC video game. The new UFC game will have a playable Bruce Lee Digital avatar that will be available to all gamers after the game’s release. Lee will be an unlockable fighter character for the game, or fans can pre-order the game now to get instant Day-One Access to play as Lee.

Lee, who tragically died in July 1973, has been labeled as “The Father of Mixed Martial Arts” by the UFC, despite having passed away over twenty years before the first UFC event ever took place in November 1993. If fans opt to pre-order the game now, they will be able to play as Lee immediately when the game is released. If not, players will be able to unlock Lee’s digital avatar by completing the video game’s career mode at Pro difficulty. Completing the career mode at a higher level of difficulty will also unlock Lee for play. The new UFC game will have a playable Bruce Lee digital avatar in four different weight classes: flyweight (125 lbs); bantamweight (135 lbs); featherweight (145 lbs); and lightweight (155 lbs).

The daughter of Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee, CEO of Bruce Lee LLC and Chairperson of the Bruce Lee Foundation was personally involved with the creation of her father’s digital appearance in the game. She stated on the announcement, “I am so excited about this opportunity to bring my father back to video games!”

She continued on how she and her company collaborated with the EA Sports UFC team: “I’m thrilled that fans can now interact with him in a new way. The EA Sports UFC development team has been incredible to work with, and they’ve done a great job capturing the look and feel of my father. I think people will love getting a chance to fulfill a fight fantasy by playing Bruce Lee in the new UFC game.”

Dana White, the UFC’s President and figurehead, is a lifelong and devoted fan of Lee. With the announcement of the recent news, he reiterated his view that Lee is the “father of mixed martial arts.” He elaborated on Bruce Lee’s contributions to the martial arts world that led to the eventual creation of MMA, saying, “He’s the father of mixed martial arts. He believed not one style of fighting was the best and that you had to have a little piece of everything to be a complete fighter.” He continued, “He was proven right when the first UFC event took place in 1993.”

The new EA Sports UFC game was developed completely from scratch for the Gen 4 platforms using the EA Sports Ignite game engine. The game will only be released, however, on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, meaning, for not at least, the game will not have any sort of release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Windows PC. Along with EA’s revelation that the new UFC game will have a playable Bruce Lee digital avatar, a new gameplay trailer featuring Bruce Lee in the game was also released.  The clip is available below.

By Jeffrey Harris

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