Ukraine Site of Nazi Plane and Artifacts Discovery



A Nazi plane crashed in a Ukraine site and has been a new discovery of artifacts for divers. The divers were not initially looking for the Nazi plane but stumbled upon it and some remnants, later found to be artifacts of what the plane had inside, including boots, toothbrushes, maps, a belt buckle, toothpaste and a shaving brush. The plane is said to be a World War II aircraft that has now been discovered beneath the water of the Ukrainian coast, in the proximity of Odessa. The plane is said to be a JU 52 Luftwaffe transport plane.

The plane is said to have crashed, according to experts, because the pilot was flying in bad weather and steered off course. The fate of the passengers and whether they survived is unknown. However, evidence found, such as leather boots, supports the idea that the passengers survived because they were following set procedure. This procedure was that when a plane crashed, the captain was supposed to tell the crew to abandon heavy clothes, such as boots and gear, and swim to the surface. Along with the boots that were found, which were in good condition, there was also a belt which had a Nazi emblem on it, as well as the engraved initials “Wichert.”

A thermos and a sword belt as well as other artifacts discoveries were also found at the Ukraine site. “Wichert” and “Kroch” were the names of some of the crew members on board when the plane apparently crash-landed. A torch, some pieces of goggles, a briefcase, some brightly colored maps, and a machine gun were also found. The maps were separated by pieces of tin foil to preserve them from a fire. According to these items, it has been determined by experts that the flight was transporting about nine passengers. It has been determined by evidence on board that a signal specialist and flight engineer were on the plane at the time of the crash. The passenger names known were “Wichert” and “Kroch.” The owner of the hat is named Oberstleutnant Baron Axel Freiherr von Jena, who is said to have fought in the one of the civil wars.

According to evidence, the Nazi plane discovery and artifacts were the first found near the Ukraine, belonging to the 104th Transport Group, 4th Air Fleet, based at Nikolaev. It was said to have landed in Prahova, near Romania sometime in January 1942 to pick up passengers. While in flight to Ukraine, the weather turned really bad (horrible) and the pilot Lieutenant Horst Ringel could not make his way clearly and land safely. It appears that accordingly, the plane was not equipped with safety gear to prepare its passengers for a crash landing in water. The plane then crashed somewhere near Ukraine in the Black Sea. Some of the parts of the plane were still intact such as the propeller and wings of the plane. It was then determined by experts that the plane did not crash-land but landed safely in the water. Whether the crew and passengers made it to land safely is unknown. Divers are still working on clearing the slit from the cabin of the plane to find out more about this mysterious plane crash.

By Anah Ayala

Daily Mail 
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