Ultra Music Festival Is in Danger

Ultra music festivalUltra Music Festival, is the biggest electronic music dance festival in Miami and in the United States. UMF takes place every year in March around spring break period. It’s a three-day nonstop festival which hosts almost all the international and local famous DJs in the world. The festival is meant to attract the young generation from all around the world, especially college students who are studying and living in the United States.

The music festival hosts thousands of people each year. People start buying their tickets months before the festival in order to secure their place. The festival provides numerous police officers and security guards in order to guard and secure the festival. The young fans get very excited for the music festival and start acting in a wild way.

Despite the big number of security guards and police officers, the young people still act in a wild way and do not have fully respect to the officers and guards. Unfortunately, this year, and due to the people’s bad behaviors, the mayor of Miami had to step in. Miami mayor, Tomas Regalado, calls out for Ultra music festival to end after a security guard was pushed hard on the first night of the festival, Friday March 28.

Due to the great number of people who attended the Ultra music festival, people started to act with bad behaviors. Tomás Regalado declared that he would do anything to “deny the permits” for next year’s music festival. This decision has been taken seriously after an incident that occurred on March 28. On the first day of the music festival, one of the security guards who was working that night, was trampled by a young mob of people who were very disrespectful and did not have tickets to the event.

Erica Mack, 28 years old, was the one who got pushed down under a security fence at the music festival. She is now facing a serious injury. She has been in a critical condition since the accident, has a broken leg, and a serious brain haemorrhaging.

Tomas Regalado mentioned in his announcement, that he will make sure that this year will be the last year for Ultra music festival to take place in Miami. He wants to bring a new resolution to Miami, and if gets approved, Miami will deny the permits for another Ultra music festival for the coming year. He wants to take it seriously and think about the people who were injured and not about the money that the festival will make.

Many people attended this year’s Ultra music festival and the event was full of people. Between 50,000 and 60,000 people came to the festival every day for three- following days. As reports show, many young people were rescued by first aid and paramedics due to the wild actions by others. Other than the people being rescued, many others were arrested by the police. This year, the behavior of the young people was really unexpected. The police had to secure the place and put strict rules in order not to have any extra fights or troubles.

Unfortunately, and as Tomas Regalado said, Ultra music festival has to find a new home. He said that it’s time to say goodbye for those wild actions. Due to the unexpected incidents that occurred during this year’s festival, Bayfront Park, Miami will no longer be hosting the Ultra music festival.


By Georgina Abboud

Fox 411

The Guardian

CBS Miami

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