Miley Cyrus Vs. Selena Gomez Who Do Teens Idolize More?



Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are two of today’s most talked about young stars. Which one of them do teens idolize more?

Both of these young women stared in hit TV shows as young girls and they also now have successful singing careers, not to mention they are also the same age at 22 years old. It’s easy to see the obvious differences right away. Cyrus presents herself as more outgoing and more outspoken and it gets major attention from the media. Gomez is more of a shy type who values her privacy – hard to do when you are dating the most talked about young man on the planet – Justin Bieber.

Cyrus has been known to take risks lately away from her former “good girl” persona. In 2013 she completely revamped her image by chopping her hair into a bleached blonde pixie and began to promote her latest album Bangerz with really sexy music videos and sexually suggestive tour props. She even posed nude for the “Protect the Skin You’re In.” Her nude image was printed to t-shirts to raise money for Melanoma research.

Cyrus has no problem displaying her sexuality, or being open about her drug use. Parents of teens have concerns about how her image will persuade their own kids to do and act the same. Cyrus has stated in the past about it being her right to do exactly what any other 21-year-old would do. The truth is, not every 21-year-old does and act this way. Besides, most people would agree teenagers are going to listen to or watch anything they want, whether their parents like it or not.

So which star do teens seem to take to, follow and idolize more? Gomez may appear shy, however she doesn’t shy away from her sexuality either. Both of these stars know sex sells. Gomez does more than just sing and pose sexy for magazines – In 2009, at the age of 17, Gomez became the youngest ambassador of UNICEF. Her efforts helped raise more than $700,000 for the 2009 Trick-or-Treat campaign. As one can see, teens can appreciate both Gomez and Cyrus for using their star power for good.

As much as some teen stars may say that being in the public eye this much is a burden and they should be allowed to act like normal kids without all of the scrutiny, the limelight does come with a responsibility. So do teens have the maturity to see the difference between what is being promoted as just an image rather than a way of being?

Every time Cyrus posts something on her Facebook page, it can easily grab up to 500,000 likes. She has 45 million fans on Facebook and 17 million followers on twitter.

Gomez has 57 million fans on Facebook and 19 million on twitter. Both girls have an insanely huge following of fans, yet Gomez is still in the lead. Could this simply be because of her relationship with Bieber? Any news Gomez gives out might be a link to news about Bieber, so this could be possible. Gomez’s choices in men are questionable as of late. Do teens still really love the ‘Beebs’ as much as they used to and would this really have any influence on them if they did? Probably.

Perhaps the real winner here is Taylor Swift. Swift has a 58 million Facebook like count. Not only is she sexy, but she’s not “in your face” with it. She promotes a “girl next door” persona and she’s also not afraid to laugh at herself. Perhaps this is why she’s so popular with teens.

It’s hard to be a teenager. Everything is more dramatic and one’s world at that times can feel out of control. Perhaps it is easier to idolize a star who’s not afraid of making mistakes, one who’s proud of her dorkiness at times as much as she is of her talent. Confidence is something which radiates from a beings when it’s natural, not something that is demanded from people by showing off. So do Gomez and Cyrus hold up to this standard with teens as well? In one opinion, you could say Cyrus wins out here. Being outlandish looks far better than dating someone who has hurt you in the past.

Editorial by Katie Sevigny


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5 Responses to "Miley Cyrus Vs. Selena Gomez Who Do Teens Idolize More?"

  1. Tyler   July 8, 2014 at 11:49 pm

    Definitely miley. She doesn’t care what people think & truly cares about her fans. She’s being herself but selena she acts 10 still because she’s scared to be criticized. But her career doesn’t even compare to Miley’s. People may hate on miley more but look whose more successful. Miley. She teaches people to be themselves & that’s what I love.

  2. Saima Khanum   June 15, 2014 at 4:24 am

    Selena is better she shows more respect and is kind also absolutely stunning and has a great personality. She likes to have fun and doesn’t care if she always is in te spotlight however Miley does these crazy things to catch attention. I love Miley’s voice and songs and how she is confident. Yet I’m obsessed with selena she is confident beautiful funny and clever also very talented. She is what everyone wants to be or be friends with, also Taylor is a great singer and seems nice but she seems to good, still like her although she could experiment with her music wrote about things other than love and break up. Sele gives more and is overall better

  3. Charlotte   June 10, 2014 at 8:05 am

    i think selena is waaaay better because she has respect talent and a beautiful personality, i love miley’s voice and songs but when it comes to being an idol, music isn’t the only thing that’s important. i sometimes find miley so disgusting bc of the things she does on stage. unlike selena i think miley has no respect for herself. so selena slays

  4. Phuong Ivy   April 27, 2014 at 5:24 am

    At first i liked selena, i really did. And I once thought Selena was cute and Miley was like a total fake. But then when Miley exposed herself to the world and showed her true crazy side, I started to prefer Miley to Selena. And now I kinda hate Sel because she unfriended Taylor (I’m a Swifty).

  5. betty   April 13, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    Miley is better. THE OTHER ONE, selena. shes not bad but to me shes fake. its like, she does everything for fame, while miley does everything for fun. she has fun, but selena wants everything perfect. Miley is better


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