US Threatens More Sanctions in Ukraine Crisis


us sanctions ukraineIn Washington, President Obama and the administration accused Russia of endorsing the separatist tension in Ukraine and the U.S. is threatening to ramp up economic sanctions in Moscow unless it changes its course to avert further crisis. Russia lost Crimea long ago, but seem intent on recovering the territory today. The Russia vs. Crimea conflict goes back a almost century and a half.

The Crimean War went on from October 1853 to February 1856. The original war was fought mostly in the Crimean Peninsula. The war involved Russia, Britain, Ottoman Turkish, and France. The Crimean War Started because of the conflict between the great powers in the Middle East. One other factor was the disagreement between France and Russia over privileges of Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches within the holy places of Palestine. Approximately 250,000 soldiers were lost by both sides.

Today the reasons of the current conflict are very different and do not warrant military intervention from other world powers so far. Since pro-Russian separatists have seized government buildings and demanded votes on secession in Eastern Russia, Washington suggested that Moscow had sent in paid agitators were stirring up tensions by moving thousands of Russian troops about Ukraine’s border.

John Kerry called Russia’s Foreign Minister to relay Washington’s strong concern and to express its view about pro-Russian demonstrations as they do not appear to be random unrelated events. Kerry wanted to make it clear that any further attempts by Russian forces to destabilize Ukraine will incur additional sanctions for Russia. Hoards of activists took part in demonstrations this weekend in the cities of Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk, raising concerns that the Kremlin could order another military intervention. Kerry also expressed a desire to start four-way talks with Ukraine, Russia, The United States, and the European Union to ease tensions. Most officials involved hoped the group would be able down soon to negotiate de-escalation.

Pro-Russian activists occupied a government building in the city of Donetsk and have proclaimed a sovereign “people’s republic.” A protest spokesperson gave the announcement via YouTube outside a building also occupied by thousands of pro-Russian supporters. Since then, Ukrainian forces moved against pro-Russian supporters in that building Donetsk. The Ukrainian troops cleared armed demonstrators from the government building. Donetsk is one of three cities in which pro-Moscow uprisings took place.

Police also engaged in battle with protesters in the second city while law enforcement started negotiations with a self- professed army in the third. While the U.S. threatens more sanctions regarding this crisis involving the Ukraine, it remains unclear whether or not the European Union would support new limits. U.S. sanction would not be very as effective if Europe did not comply.

Officials hoped the Russian President would be content with control over Crimea. The area is home to the Black Sea fleet that belongs to Russia. That area is where the country’s strongest pro-Russia forces are. While the U.S. threatens more sanctions in the Ukraine crisis, It is clear Russian forces will push the conflict as far as they can before an actual war takes place. The White House administration is adamant about punishing Russia for its misconduct, but people of America are not looking to get involved in yet another war.

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  1. stefanthedenier   April 9, 2014 at 8:37 pm

    ‘IF war for Crimea happens; it will be nuclear war – is that what you people from the western propaganda want?!


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