Watch Dogs Multiplayer Experience in Nine Minutes [Video]

Watch DogsFor those who were worried that Ubisoft’s upcoming title Watch Dogs would be nothing more than a single player hacking game, a new video has been released which proves that the multiplayer experience within the game is not to be glanced over. Collin Graham is the art direct for the Watch Dogs video game. In the video Graham and a number of other players demonstrate a few of the many forms of multiplayer fun that is to be had upon the release of this long awaited title.

One of the key concepts in Watch Dogs is that everything is connected. Even while players are traipsing through their own single player game it is always possible for them to hack their way into another players game and vice-versa. The video depicts three game modes that can come as a result of players hacking into the game of another person: Online hacking contracts, ctOS Companion Application Mode, and the Decryption Combat Mode. Every player has a different appearance to the others people they are playing with. This add variety to game-play and makes it so that there are not duplicates of the same character running around the maps.

The online hacking contract mode begins with one player hacking a non-player character that has an open online contract on them. Once the process starts the player who is being hacked has to track down the player who is hacking them. They are given a general area to search and are able to use the protagonists ability to get profile information on the people who are in the vicinity. The player attempting the hack must stay in the general area in order to complete their task or they will lose the connection and be forced to start over or they can be weeded out by the other player. Once the hacker is identified they must attempt to escape. The game mode ends in either one of two ways, the hacker is caught by the player and dealt with or the hacker gets away by alluding the person that they are trying to infiltrate. Once the game is over, if the hacker player escaped and survived, they are rewarded with notoriety points equal to that of the amount of data they were able to take away from the other player. They are then able to use those points to upgrade their player skills. The player who being hacked can get points as well if they were able to at least pick their hacker out of a crowd.

In the ctOS mobile companion game one player is being chased by the other player who has control over a helicopter. The companion application is real life download for android and iOS devices. The helicopter that is being controlled by the other player has a light that must be shined on the player who is being chased. The chaser not only has control over their aerial vehicle, but over a large number of objects that can be hacked and turned into obstacles that can be used to impede the other player from reaching their objective. The chaser also has the ability to use the police as a method to slow down their opponent. The player who is being chased must know the lay of the land and be able to think many steps ahead of the opposition in order to make to the goal. Just like in the previous game mode, players can earn notoriety points that they can use to upgrade their character.

The last game mode displayed is the Competitive Decryption game. In this mode players are split into teams and tasked with the goal of seizing an encrypted data file. The first team to break the encryption on the file is the winner. This game is basically a new spin on capture the flag. The teams have the run of the entire city and they have their hacking abilities at their disposal to keep the other team at bay while they either break the encryption or try to take the file from the other team. Communication and cooperation are key in this game mode since the closer teammates are to one another, the faster they are able to break the encryption on the file.

Just from these three game modes it is clear that Watch Dogs is truly a game to keep on the radar. The open world game gets even more open with the added ability to play with other people and strengthen your own character by besting them in a series of game modes that tie in with the already vastly entertaining single player story experience. After many announcements and delays the release date for this game has been set for May 27. Look  for it on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC and it will also release on Wii U later this year.

Commentary by Mike White

Watch Dogs

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