Will Bryan Cranston Make Godzilla a Monster Hit?

Will Bryan Cranston Make Godzilla a Monster Hit?
Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle) will star as former nuclear engineer Joe Brody in the Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures reboot of Godzilla, due out in U.S. theaters this May 16. Aaron Taylor-Johnson will portray his son, Ford, in the highly anticipated movie.

According to the Wikizilla page on Joseph Brody, Bryan Cranston has stated that his character “discovers an anomaly in some sonar… signalings, patterns, and is just starting an investigation when all hell breaks loose.”

That’s an apt description, as you will, no doubt, also agree with, once you view the extended Godzilla video clip below.

In one of the latest Godzilla video clips, Joseph Brody is at the Janjira nuclear power plant where he works, and there’s a terrible accident there, that claims the life of his wife, Sandra. Brody is trying to get at the truth about what caused the “accident” and he believes that the government is hiding the truth about it for some reason.

A huge tsunami-like wave crashes down, and devastates everything in its path. The power in buildings goes off. The “tsunami” is actually caused by Godzilla, rising from the ocean. The best efforts of the military to attack Godzilla seem to have little, if any, affect on the monster.

On Saturday, fans at the 2014 Wondercon event held at the Anaheim Convention Center, according to MTV, got to see more about their favorite monster, Godzilla, at a Warner Brothers informational presentation designed to give them more information about the upcoming blockbuster flick starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson and directed by Gareth Edwards.

The video clip that the fans got to watch (not one of the video clips below) finally revealed what the face of Godzilla will look like, at the end of the clip. First, the silhouette and tail of Godzilla was revealed, as lightning flashed about the monster. At the end of it, finally, fans got to see what Godzilla will look like, head on.

As spectacular as Godzilla looks in this reboot, and as cool as the special effects promise to be, early reports have confirmed that the strong acting jobs of Bryan Cranston and the rest of the cast are what really is going to help carry the movie.

Bryan Cranston has lots of fans both from Breaking Bad, and also from back when he played the father in the TV series Malcolm in the Middle. While the CGI monster, Godzilla, will be definitely the main reason why people go to see Godzilla, many Cranston fans will also be wanting to check out how he does in this movie.

Designing the CGI Godzilla reportedly took around a year. The team of designers had to get everything right, as they created a new version of Godzilla that would resemble older versions but would be unique.

Also, the actors and actresses in Godzilla had the challenge posed by any CGI creation in movies, of trying to interact with something that isn’t there. Bryan Cranston and the rest of the cast worked hard to make it seem as if the situations they were dealing with, and Godzilla, were real, and that their lives were personally tied in with the action unfolding around them during the movie.

Will Bryan Cranston Make Godzilla a Monster Hit?

Godzilla has a new foe that he must confront and do battle with in this movie: Muto. Muto is a kind of an eight-legged winged cross between a praying mantis and a pterodactyl in this film. The monster will likely look a lot like the toy versions of it, which were revealed just this past week.

Also, Godzilla will have a new roar, though the movie’s sound designer is secretive about what he did to create it. There were attempts made to recreate the original roar, involving a double bass and a resin-coated leather glove, but they were unsuccessful, according to a report at the Cinemablend.com web site. There’s not much known about how the new roar was created, other than high speed microphones were used.

Will Bryan Cranston Make Godzilla a Monster Hit?

Other actors and actresses in Godzilla, besides Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, include Elizabeth Olsen, David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins, and Juliette Binoche.

Godzilla will open in the U.K. on May 15, and in the U.S. on May 16. If the acting jobs of Bryan Cranston and the other cast members are as good as the early video clips and reports suggest, the Gareth Edwards directed movie from Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures should be a monster hit.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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