Boats ‘N Hoes the Republican Idea of Texas Politics

Boats 'N HoesBoats N’ Hoes super PAC may have been short-lived, but the republican idea of Texas politics lives on. In Texas men currently reign; yet for a party that has been actively pursuing the female vote there are still so many reminders to the lack of respectable ideas within the party itself. The party prides itself on the ability to manipulate the electorate with words yet are consistent in their lack of tact. Frank Luntz, who has worked hard to re-brand the republican party with his play on words, created talking points that have become ingrained into the conservative agenda. Because of Luntz the American people face doubt and confusion about the real costs and benefits of any given issue.

Luntz has created a method of wordplay that the republican party has securely latched on to. His method to re-word issues or agendas to more scary terms mask the fact that the GOP has no real agenda for creating actual change. Leaders of the party instruct the entire GOP, every single politician, strategist, political pundit, and conservative journalists to repeat the same talking points to any given issue. Luntz’ method literally teaches republicans to “act like you care without actually caring.” And don’t think Luntz is in any way apologetic for deliberately misleading the American people. On a regular basis Luntz instructs on policies such as Healthcare reform. Memorandums on topics like the ACA went out to political figures instructing the use of terms like “government-run healthcare” and urges politicians be vocally passionate about actively obstructing any real chance of comprehensive legislation. He continues with ways to use a humanizing approach while spewing terms such as “denied treatment” knowing that the policy specifically rejects the possibility. He encourages the use of repetitive rhetoric until the American people believe it as truth over any other option. However, even Luntz can’t fix the damage from the real policies that the power brokers of the republican party let slip out as of late.

Sure there are plenty of people who love the song from the hit Will Farrell movie, but those same folks are equally disturbed when they learn it was some not so wise political strategist’s notion of a good idea. Such judgement just puts a spotlight on the lack of tact within the party itself. Naming a political PAC, which raises money for republican candidates, a name like Boats ‘N Hoes is not even close to funny for the women of Texas. A term so widely disrespectful to all women, including conservative women, just screams to a lack of common sense from those that run the party. In such a critical election year naming a PAC Boats ‘N Hoes after a film based on spoiled, unemployed, self-centered adults certainly fits the republican power-brokers. For a party that accuses liberals and Democrats of being “takers” and sucking off the teat of the American government has really just labeled themselves as slackers. Funny there are those within the party ready to associate the GOP with lazy welfare slackers who spend their lives living off the success of others when so many of the party are the slackers who become wealthy simply by luck of rich parents. So the association of Boats ‘N Hoes certainly fits the republican idea of politics in Texas.

The worse part of this unfortunate name choice for the short-lived GOP super PAC is its creation by consultants working for the man who is trying to secure the highest job in Texas, republican candidate for Governor Greg Abbott. Shaun Nowacki registered the PAC earlier in the month with the Texas Ethics Committee. Nowacki works for Blakemore and Associates who has advised eight previous Abbott campaigns from 1991 to 2004. So Abbott cannot use the excuse that he is not familiar with Blackmore’s operating practices. What does this say about the foundation of politics in Texas? It certainly fits the policies of Abbott who has continually shown poor judgment in his methods of campaigning.

Disgusting many in Texas, Abbott has campaigned alongside social pariah Ted Nugent by sending a personal invitation for Nugent to join him on the campaign trail, not once but twice. Nugent, an admitted pedophile and draft dodger, is a Tea Party favorite and NRA darling. This is who Abbott chooses to allow as his personal representatives, men who hate women and are open about it. Nugent has been very verbal about his hatred for President Obama by calling him a “sub-human mongrel” and expressing his desire to kill Obama if he won a second term. Nugent also feels that Americans should treat immigrants like “indentured servants” if they plan to stay in the US. Texas being the first stop for many immigrants seeking a better life, the idea of the next Governor of the great state aligning himself with such deplorable theories is quite grotesque. The tone of the GOP in Texas has clearly taken a swift jump off the deep end.

Blackmore is not limited to consulting for Abbott, they also are current consultants for a large number of GOP political figures in Texas looking to secure state office. Trying to backtrack the damage this new assault on women has produced, Blackmore and Associates quickly moved to shut down Boats ‘N Hoes. However, for a low-level employee of the consulting firm, Nowacki does not have enough power and influence to make such a decision on his own. Clearly Houston-based Blackmore and Associates had a plan in mind for the super PAC. That plan was to benefit its own political figures. The knowledge that the top office in Texas is in the realm of possibility for a leader in the movement to preserve women’s rights has put fear in the men that run Texas. There is only one theory possible for the naming of this super PAC; send doubt to the electorate as to the idea of a smart, powerful woman in the Governor’s mansion. They seek to cast a shadow over Wendy Davis, a woman the men of Texas have tried to label with various hateful slurs such as “Abortion Barbie.” Boats ‘N Hoes is nothing more than a republican idea that women don’t belong in Texas politics. However the women in Texas might just cast doubt over the idea of another pig-headed man in Texas leadership.

Opinion by Kimberly Beller

Fox News
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