Android App Expanding The Music Realm


In the midst of many Android music applications, being different is not so easy. has successfully become a popular and unique music app, offering ways to make listening to music more versatile than the many successful apps. With options to listen to your own music library through the app to streaming live radio stations, this UK-based Android app has expanded the music realm of capability.

The radio stations offered on are selected by the application based on the listener’s current music preference. The stations are separated into genres, allowing the listener to choose a genre based on mood, or allow the application to choose. Songs on a person’s phone library are matched with songs on the app to find similar sounds and moods, expanding the listener’s capability of finding a new artist that perfectly fits current music preference.

Of course, like many apps, there is a free version of and there are versions that cost money. Many users are very satisfied with the free version, such as a reviewer from, whom raves about the apps ability to serve music according to taste. This same reviewer notes that the main objective of the free version of the application is to deliver “radio style streams;” the expanded version of the app is very unique and brings a new dimension to buying songs to download.

There are three paid versions of the app, along with the free version: the first starts at over £1, the second at £7 and the third at £14. Each of the paid versions are ad free, which many listeners would appreciate, and each offers one better perk than the last. The ability to enable playlists starts with the first paid slot, moving up to the ability to stream live music. Each paid version of the app also offers a service called “borrowing,” which works like an actual library of songs, for a phone. Borrowing is a very useful music app capability; listeners can expand their own personal music realm while keeping their Android music collection clutter free.

Borrowing is a very unique concept. Songs can be downloaded, or “borrowed,” on a paid plan, listened to wherever and when desired, then traded out for another song at any time for no additional charge or storage space. The £14 per month version allows for an unlimited amount of borrowing monthly, whereas the over £1 version allows for 20 borrows per month and the £7 version 200 borrows per month.

The application consists of 22 million tracks, successfully providing listeners with a seemingly endless supply of music. The appearance of the app is simple yet unique with bumblebees, flowers and petals made of geometric shapes that the user interacts with to navigate the application.

Majority response for this application is positive. Many users review that they found mounds of new music, while others love the easy navigation and simple graphics. The negative responses to this application seem to center around the app excessively updating and its tendency to consume a lot of data.

Overall, is a unique take on a music application with its customization capabilities and simplicity offered by saving all music on a phone to one application. While this application is currently only available in the UK, its popularity may bring it to the United States soon. There are developers of the app living in the states, so hope is high. The expanse of this app’s music realm should not be missed by any Android user.

By Courtney Heitter

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