William Shatner Live Tweets and Silent Auction

Shatner William Shatner is best known by most people for his role as Captain James T. Kirk on the television series Star Trek. He has recently held an online silent auction to benefit children’s charities. People who follow him on Twitter and Facebook know that he has been extremely busy. Shatner has created some new excitement by live-tweeting shows on the CBS Corp./Warner Bros. (CW) television network.

William Shatner stated that the reason he started live-tweeting was to show his support of Misha Collins. Collins is an actor in the series Supernatural. In an email to the Washington Post, Shatner said that Misha Collins was going to live-tweet his directorial debut of the episode titled “Mother’s Little Helper.” William Shatner joked that he threatened to live-tweet along with Collins. Misha Collins accepted the offer and Shatner’s live-tweets were born.

Shatner’s live-tweets for the show Supernatural went so well that other CW shows requested the same Twitter treatment from him. The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed and The 100 are three of the shows included. He is doing all of this without being paid by the network. However, he did ask that autographed items from the celebrities be donated to the upcoming Hollywood Charity Horse Show Silent Auction.

William Shatner explained that the items are worth more at auction when they are signed. People were given a chance to bid on the items at the Hollywood Charity Horse Show Silent Auction. The recent auction was also made available on-line so that people who could not attend the event at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank, CA, were still able to submit their bids over the internet.

Science fiction fans, and fans of William Shatner, have reported that they now look forward to the live-tweets. The CW shows have had a rise in the ratings. The New York Post has stated that William Shatner’s live tweets are responsible for the increase in the number of people watching the shows. Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People, in particular, have seen their ratings climb.

The eighty-three year old actor was recently awarded the Distinguished Public Service medal from The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It is the highest award that can be granted to someone who is not a member of the government. William Shatner received this honor because he encourages students to keep studying math and science. He narrated the NASA documentary commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of the space shuttle missions. Nasa stated that his generosity of time and commitment has encouraged and inspired generations of young explorers. Some of the children have grown up to become astronauts or engineers at NASA, according to David Weaver from the Office of Communications at NASA. The 2014 award from NASA was presented to William Shatner at the Hollywood Charity Horse Show Silent Auction.

William Shatner’s Hollywood Charity Horse Show Silent Auction is an annual event. He has said that his live-tweeting offer is still open to new requests, all the shows need to do is ask. Shatner stated that he is happy to help out the CW network. He has said that he considers the CW to be the last place that still televises true Science Fiction. William Shatner further stated that his live- tweets are his way of keeping the Sci-Fi genre alive on television.

by Saki Kahala


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