‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Accused of Sexually Molesting a Teenage Boy

singerBryan Singer, director of the popular X-Men film franchise is being accused of sexually molesting a teenage boy. The alleged incident is said to have occurred in 1999, and is the subject of a federal lawsuit that was officially filed in Hawaii on Wednesday. Michael F. Egan III, the plaintiff in the case, currently lives in Nevada, though at the time of the incident he was a resident of Los Angeles. The timing for these allegations could not be worse for Singer, as his new film, X-Men: Days of Future Past is due to hit theaters on May 23.

Singer is being accused of using his wealth and place of prominence in Hollywood to abuse the plaintiff who was underage at the time the incident is alleged to have occurred. According to the lawsuit, Singer, along with other powerful elites in the entertainment industry are part of a ring that uses drugs and alcohol to force young boys to participate in sexual activities. Egan alleges that the filmmaker tried to bribe him into performing sex acts by offering him a role in one of the X-Men movies, and also threatened to destroy his acting career if he did not comply with the director’s demands.

Bryan Singer’s legal representative, Marty Singer, said that the lawsuit is absurd, and the main reason for accusing the famous film director of sexually molesting a teenage boy so close to the release of the new X-Men film is to get publicity. Jeff Herman, the attorney representing Egan in the lawsuit has a different opinion on the matter. Herman stated that there is a huge problem with children being sexually exploited in Hollywood, and that the case involving Singer is one of many he plans to file as he endeavors to bring the issue to light.

According to the lawsuit, Egan, the alleged victim in the case, was originally from the Midwest and moved out to Los Angeles when he was a teenager. Egan had a friend in his class who had an older brother that was associated with Marc Collins-Rector, who was head of Digital Entertainment Network. Singer was an investor in the company, and apparently both men would use their position and power to persuade young boys to join them at an estate where drugs and alcohol were freely distributed. The suit states that these parties were notorious among many men who were active in Hollywood.

One of the more disturbing encounters detailed in the suit involves the X-Men director shoving Egan’s head underwater after refusing to perform oral sex on him. Many similar incidents are described in the lawsuit, claiming that Egan was forced to take cocaine and was promised roles in film projects in exchange for sexual favors.

While the timing of the lawsuit does seem a bit suspect, no one should jump to conclusions and start condemning Singer or the alleged victim in the lawsuit, as there is not enough evidence to make a solid judgment either way. Whether or not the suit will have a negative impact on the success of X-Men: Days of Future Past will depend largely on the evidence and information that comes to light over the next few weeks. One thing that is for sure is that X-Men director, Bryan Singer, is going to have a tough time repairing the damage done to his reputation after being accused of sexually molesting a teenage boy, regardless of whether he is innocent or guilty.

By Michael Cantrell

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