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The last generation of consoles were home to what was one of the most critically acclaimed and talked about game series: Mass Effect. Game developer BioWare’s sci-fi epic is a journey that stretches across a trilogy, making use of a decision-making system that carried players’ decisions from each game into the other. The games are a hybrid of action, third-person shooter, and RPG mechanics, set in a deep reaching science fiction universe. Although the controversial conclusion of the series was met with an unfortunate backlash from a large portion of the gaming community, the games remain a staple and a fan favorite among the highlights of the last generation. Fans of the series may have reason to rejoice, as rumors of a re-release of the trilogy on Xbox One and Playstation 4 have surfaced.

The rumors began in March when a tweet from BioWare’s general manager of Montreal and Edmonton offices stated that plans for a Mass Effect remaster for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have been “discussed internally”  and would share if anything official came to fruition. There has since been neither confirmation nor denial of any plans regarding a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy. However, pictures have surfaced of a Chilean games retailer that may have posted a link for the purchase of the potential games earlier than BioWare intended. The site lists no information on price or release date, however it offers a mailing list sign up to receive new information as it is surfaced. The website lists the games as a single collection available for both Xbox One and Playstation 4. Players will likely hope that the downloadable content for the original games will be available with the purchase of the remastered collection. If these rumors are true, then fans of the original series will get to see the sci-fi epic with all the enhancements to graphics and performance available for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Currently no one can say for sure whether these rumors will hold true, however, given this years earlier information leak regarding Playstation 4’s release of The Last of Us now holding true, perhaps there is some truth to the remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy. It is not uncommon for retailers to catch word of releases before the public announcement, as they will need the information for marketing and release dates. Every so often, a retailer makes a slight blunder and happens to release information for a game release earlier than the developer or publisher wants them to. It is up to the player to make the decision of whether to buy into the rumors or simply await the official confirmation or denial of the release. Given the recent rumors of a The Walking Dead re-release for current generation, as well as Playstation 4’s re-release of The Last of Us perhaps the lack of games available for the current generation is pushing publishers to put out older content on newer consoles. Is this going to become a trend in the time being it takes for the next generation to step up and offer a more robust games library? Or are publishers trying to cash in on last generation’s success?

By Michael Foster

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