New York Teen Maimed at Work

new yorkThe unfortunate story of a New York teen who was recently maimed during what was supposed to be an unremarkable day at work has newly come to light. The boy’s hometown of Massena, which pulled its name from a fervid and bloody era of history, has found itself the host of a gruesome accident involving a minor and pasta-making equipment.

Seventeen-year-old Brett M. Bouchard was flown to Massachusetts General Hospital following an accident that he was involved in on Thursday; leaving the young man disfigured and likely traumatized. The hapless adolescent was listed in critical condition during a surgery on Friday. In the accident that left him maimed, the New York teen’s arm was severed at the elbow by equipment at the Italian restaurant where he works.

The incident occurred on Thursday night while Bouchard was occupied cleaning the restaurant’s pasta maker, and the machine was activated by a currently unknown stimulus. The establishment, Violi’s Italian Restaurant is located in Massena, New York. Massena, a town of about 12,883 people, is situated on the Canadian border of Saint Lawrence County, New York. The town received its name after General André Masséna, who served under Napoleon Bonaparte as one of the original 18 Marshals of the Empire during the Napoleonic and French Revolutionary Wars.

Manager of the New York restaurant, Mia Violi has said that she and other employees are currently attempting to discern why the machine was activated while Bouchard was cleaning it. The sibling duo of Ross and Dominic Violi, owners of the restaurant, have said that the establishment has never seen an accident like this in its history of more than 50 years. Mia Violi told the press that a scream emanated from the basement of the family owned business and that Bouchard emerged in drastically different condition than she had seen him last; his right arm having been severed in half. She went on to say that a call to emergency services was placed, but two patrons and good samaritans; a couple by the name of Walsh, assisted in attempting to stop the bleeding before taking Bouchard to the hospital in their own vehicle. Whether or not U.S. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration will open an investigation into the mechanisms behind the accident is still uncertain.

Even in the recent past, losing an arm, or another similarly serious injury would have undoubtedly crippled the teen for life, limiting options in activities, employment, and overall lifestyle. However, with recent strides on the front of technologically sophisticated prosthetics, Bouchard may eventually be able to have use of both arms again one day.

While a prosthetic is still a far-cry from having one’s own limb back, the technology continues to progress in sophistication at an alarmingly rapid rate. A 3-D printed prosthetic hand with a price-tag of approximately $50 to create is currently being compared as a facsimile to a significantly more expensive model with a rivaling price of $42,000. The test determined that while the two devices are not entirely comparable, the more inexpensive 3-D printed prosthetic was found to be more useful. This miraculous technology may be able to give this maimed New York teen some semblance of normalcy after his grave work-related accident.

By Faye Barton

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