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Powered by a 4th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, the XC6 DMSR has numerous key features that stand out, such as it is dust proof and fully submersible. It can be dropped from a height of seven feet direct to plywood or from a height of four feet direct to concrete and can operate in temperatures from -30 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Standard Windows tablets do not cut it for the military. Xplore designed its own motherboards that would fit into tablet size and be capable to withstand high temperature and vibration. This next generation tablet passes the MIL-STD-810G testing standards and is one of the only tablets used on both military frontlines and fixed-wing aircraft.

Extreme condition tests, such as blowing rain 40 miles per hour at four inches per hour for 30 minutes and blowing sand and dust at 30 miles per hour for 30 minutes were conducted on the tablet and it still was operating.

The Xplore tablets boosts productivity and efficiency with the user as well as work environment. A City Police Department Lieutenant said, “…the officers have the ability to run the license or identification check immediately by themselves with answers coming back in seconds versus minutes.”

The XC6 DMSR has up to 480 gigabytes storage with dual SSD drives and RAID 0,1 options for faster data speeds and maximum data protection. It comes with standard four gigabytes memory that is expandable up to 16 gigabytes. The tablet has a battery life up to eight hours 30 minutes and has a screen that is viewable in both direct sunlight and night vision situation.

Xplore created this tablet field repairable and upgradable with easy access to most modules to eliminate user downtime and transfer/repair costs. It comes with a standard three year warranty with four and five year options, as well as optional xDefend for additional coverage.

Advanced communications on the XC6 DMSR include integrated AT&T 4G LTE, Bluetooth, wifi, gigabit Ethernet and optional 2M or sub meter GPS. The 10.4” SGA LED IPS display in the only multi-touch resistive display on the market that works with gloves and while soaking wet. A fingerprint reader may also be used for the users security needs.

Consumers may get the tablet pre-loaded with Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.1 operating systems. Various accessories, such as a dock, mounting hardware and accessories, carrying case and high performance GPS may be purchased additionally for the Xplore tablet to enhance the users accessibility with the tablet.

“The Xplore Tablet PC is completely hardened and is able to withstand extreme climates and rough handling with no moving parts, such as hinged keyboards found in laptops what can be damaged,” said Michael J. Kozak of the Rochester Police Department.

The Xplore XC6 DMSR is the next generation tablet. This tablet is ideal for people who are constantly finding themselves around an unsafe environment for electronics. Consumers may work or play in the snow, sand or water with this Xplore tablet. The XC6 is the most rugged Windows tablet on the market and is military approved.

By Reed Watson


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