South Africa 2014 Elections and Zuma on Corruption and Afrikaners

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While campaigning in Pretoria this week, ahead of the 2014 South Africa elections President Jacob Zuma gave his opinion on corruption and spoke about the humbleness of Afrikaans people. Speaking to the crowd gathered at the Voortrekker Monument, in Pretoria, President Zuma said corruption within the public and private sectors must be fought. Zuma said the African National Congress (ANC) manifesto shows the seriousness of the party’s commitment to end corruption and spells out the proper governance plan that is delivered to the citizens of South Africa.

He also said the government wants to prevent public servants from being involved in the business procurement process. According to Zuma, such involvement would drive corruption away from government sectors and ultimately benefit the country.

Delivering a speech to the crowd, Zuma said his interaction with the Afrikaans community was a humble experience. He reminded the audience in attendance and also people all over South Africa to make it a priority to observe Freedom day on April 27,  a public holiday in South Africa. He told the citizens to reflect on how much stronger the country has grown. He also said South Africa is an extraordinary country with multiple people who are united by their passion and determination to succeed.

The top priority according to Zuma is to deal with poverty, unemployment and inequality. He admitted there was evident poverty among the Afrikaans people while interacting within this community and further said that this particular area would receive assistance without racial discrimination from the government. Zuma commented that the progress of building the country together has shown tremendous growth, and that people should continue to work together to ensure South Africa remained a protected and secure place to live.

The ANC government according to Zuma is looking forward to the contribution of the Afrikaans Community and is committed to the success of South Africa. Zuma said the ANC applauds the leaders such as Frederick van Zyl Slabbert who reached out to the ANC while still in exile. Zuma said all South Africans should remember the section in the Freedom Charter and the Constitution that declares, South Africa belongs to all who live in it, irrespective of race.

The Broad Based Economic Employment (BEE) policies enforced within the country do have an impact on the white people of South Africa in securing work which allows the poverty levels to rise around the land. Apartheid was harsh but BEE policies also appear to have a detrimental effect on different races. Inequality is becoming greater now than in the Apartheid years and this is clearly a critical issue that the government will have to address.

South Africa Elections take place on May 7 and Zuma continues his quest to deliver the ANC promises to the people. His opinion about stopping the corruption within the country is another attempt to persuade voters to cast their vote for his party. While the Afrikaners might remain skeptical of his recent visit and interest, Zuma urged all Afrikaners to commit themselves to healing the divisions of the past. Zuma will continue to attend rallies ahead of the South Africa 2014 election in an attempt to muster support for the ruling party.

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