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Microsoft Word’s suite is an excellent collection, comprising of everything one could need to create text documents and spreadsheets. However, there is one problem with this program: it is very expensive. Many students over the years have relied on friends’ programs or found an effective alternative, effective the key word. Well, students now have to look no further than OpenOffice, a free suite similar to Word, with more gadgets. Next time a student complains about the high cost of Microsoft Word, alert them about this clever Microsoft Word hack; choose OpenOffice instead.

Apache OpenOffice is completely free to use and contains all of the different formats users are used to, such as spreadsheet, text document, drawing and formula. OpenOffice operates just like Microsoft Word does. Its downloadable content is able to be updated, and the Apache crew keeps users up to date with adjustments via a simplified OpenOffice website, designed to give users information quickly. The company’s mission statement is music to the ears of spreadsheet creators and drawing enthusiasts everywhere; the idea behind the project was to create the best full office suite that will run on all platforms for free.

This downloadable suite is an open source project, meaning it can be modified by the public, for the public. A project that is open source based celebrates collaboration from all areas of the globe in order to create a collective whole. OpenOffice does not have a source code, which would only allow it to be modified by those whom the creators allow. Microsoft Word contains a source code, not allowing it to be modified from outside parties. An open source project allows for a high functioning program; those who have an idea to make the program better can implement their creativity. OpenOffice is a Microsoft Word hack worth adopting; users across the board prefer to use it instead of Word.

OpenOffice works well with other formats with source codes, meaning that a user can open up a Word document in OpenOffice, edit it and then save it to the open source suite. The free download also supports HTML, WordPerfect, Flash and PDF. It is highly versatile and able to be used for every project need a user may have; if it is not perfect for the specific need, the user can alter it accordingly.

Microsoft word is an expensive investment for many. Currently, the Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 is available for $139.99, and the Office Home & Business can be bought for $219.99. Often, students can get an even better discount through the school they are attending, but discounts are not guaranteed, some are hard to come by, meaning many people must purchase the suite at full price.

On many question forums with inquiries about Microsoft Office, many who respond urge the inquirer to download OpenOffice for free, because it offers the same benefits plus some with the open source project highlight. Recently on Twitter Google tweeted to the world that if they can’t afford Microsoft Office, OpenOffice is free and just as suitable. The verdict is in: OpenOffice is a Microsoft hack that is highly suited to all office needs, and because of this many prefer it instead of Word.

By Courtney Heitter

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