Young Pop Star Lorde Tweets Magazine Photoshopped Her Nose

Pop Star Lorde Tweets Magazine Photoshopped Her Nose

Teen pop star Lorde tweets that her nose was photo shopped in a photo-shoot for a Canadian fashion magazine. The young idol tweeted that she liked the photo; however, she did not like the fact that her nose appeared different. According to E online magazine, Lorde said that she does not like the fact that she is told to smile in all of her poses for magazines. The young singer can sympathize with young girls in the industry who constantly feel they have to pose or to appear as a ray of sunshine even though they are not always feeling that way on the inside. Reportedly, Lorde has been asked to be positive with her public image.

Patti Smith is referred to when Lorde is asked about her image. Lorde says that she admires Patti Smith because she was more of a real person; she released her frustration and showed it, not being afraid of what the public would think. Lorde tells the magazine that Patti Smith is a great figure to admire because as young women, young girls feel they have a constant pressure that they are under to constantly be positive. Lorde has publicly declared her feminism on twitter and in interviews and she could not be prouder of the fact that she admirers Patti Smith for being herself. Lorde also said that she is “drawn to women who are not painted as sweet figures.” She referred to Patti Smith as someone who was a little “prickly.” Patti Smith was rough around the edges and Lorde does not have a problem with this. Lorde often tweets to her followers how she feels about the media.

Lorde is also on the cover of Teen Vogue’s May issue. She has told magazines that she does not think girls should have to live up to movie star or industry standards when it comes to image. She believes a girl should be happy with her body image. She constantly pokes fun at herself saying that she dances and looks like a golem onstage. For those of you who do not know who Golem is, Golem is a funny looking creature that appeared in the Lord of the Rings series. The young singer is paving a new path for girls in a healthy direction. Teen Vogue refers to the young singer’s movement as a “Lorde revolution.” Whether it is a Lorde Revolution or not the young singer definitely believes in embracing differences and looking at them as a positive rather than a negative.

The young pop star also refers to her fashion sense and how it can sometimes be portrayed as tomboyish, and the fact that it can be a tricky thing in the industry. The young singer says, “There are a lot of expectations in this industry about looking a certain way and having a certain kind of appeal.” Lorde tweets about these issues via Twitter, including anything pertaining to magazines and her image. Lorde talks of the pressure the media can sometimes put on an individual to look a certain way. She also says, “I am feminine, but I really love dressing in boys’ clothes too. I guess that’s why I get labeled as ‘the grumpy girl’ because I don’t play into that.” Lorde is beating to her own drummer and sometimes gets referred to as a grumpy girl because she does not give in to the pressure around her.

By Anah Ayala


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