Adam Levine Keeps His Options Open

Adam Levine Keeps His Options Open

Whether it comes to music or girlfriends, Adam Levine is a man who keeps his options open. Either headlining Maroon 5 or heading up a new business venture, Levine seems to always be one step ahead. He has been known to reinvent himself along the way with options and opportunities. Living the way he pleases, Levine has seen success unfold before his very eyes, but has worked hard to gain the worldwide attention he now thrives on.

Growing up in a divorced family from Los Angeles, Levine quickly learned to go with the flow. Music became his outlet as he formed a band of high school classmates into a garage band called Kara’s Flowers. Including his Brentwood high school buddies Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick, the band did well but saw little happening on the large front. Levine moved on with his band members and added one more, James Valentine, to form Maroon 5.

Finally gaining the attention Levine and the others deserved, their debut went multi-platinum in 2002 with Songs About Jane. The group recorded many other recognized albums, as Levine went on to win numerous awards for his solos and work with Maroon 5. Levine’s forte rests with his singing and songwriting skills, as well as being guitarist.

Levine seems to have been changing and keeping his options open for years. The tattooed man of 35, has kept fit and active, supporting causes such as gay rights on behalf of his brother. Levine is a family man at heart when push comes to shove. He is a stand-up guy going with his gut and talent. His determination to succeed and to make a difference in the world and in music is evident. Rewarded with Grammy’s, Billboard Awards and MTV recognitions, Levine is reportedly worth $50 million.

Always the businessman and promoting himself to his yet to be discovered abilities, Levine has tried his hand at acting and has guest starred in such shows  as 30 Rock and Beverly Hills 90210 amongst others. In 2012, Levine had a recurring role on American Horror Story: Asylum. Also developing a fragrance and starting clothing lines with K-Mart and Sears, his first love always comes back to music and doing what he knows best.

Since 2011, Levine has been a regular judge and coach on The Voice, leading many future musicians and giving advice. He has continued with Maroon 5 and was voted as People magazine’s pick for Sexiest Man Alive in 2013. He was visibly stunned and shy about the whole thing, much to his pal Blake Shelton’s amazement. Fellow judge on The Voice, Shelton and Levine have been joking and jabbing each other in a barbs and bromance relationship from day one. His status caused women to drool, but by then he was attached and off the market as a single man.

Usually preferring slim and trim gals and models, Levine appeared to be a confirmed bachelor until meeting 24 year old Victoria Secret model Behati Prinsloo. The pair dated off and on and were engaged almost a year ago. She seems to have changed Levine’s mind about marriage as he continues to keep his options open.

Recently, Levine made news again by bleaching his dark hair a shade of platinum blonde. If the old adage of blondes have more Adam Levine Keeps His Options Openfun is true, Levine must be really living it up with his success, new engagement and lighter locks. Just a change for summer, says his stylist Shaul Arbiv, not a life altering move. As Levine continues to keep his options open in business and music ventures, his hair will grow and fade. The lasting trends will become evident as the years roll by in his choices in music, life and love.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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