All-Star Epic in Texas Rising

History Channel Set to Film All-star Epic Texas RisingOscar nominee Roland Joffe is set to begin filming the epic miniseries Texas Rising with an all-star cast. Known for such critically acclaimed films as The Scarlet Letter and The Killing Fields, Joffe directs the much talked about eight-hour miniseries which features Hollywood heavy hitters, action stars, and TV heart-throbs. From the executive producers of the Hatfield’s & McCoy’s; there is a real excitement in Texas Rising which casts acting powerhouse Bill Paxton as the father of Texas, Sam Houston. Ray Liotta, Brendon Frasier, and Chad Michael Murray are just a few of the top names included in the action filled drama. The all-star epic, Texas Rising, leads viewers through a true American drama.

The History Channel, in collaboration with A&E, looks to have the biggest hit on television. Set to premier in 2015, recounting the turbulent times of the wild west, Texas Rising takes us on a journey through the Texas revolution against Mexico leading to the formation of the Texas Rangers. Facing battles, Indians, and lawless cowboys the Texas Rangers are today considered one of the world’s most elite law enforcement agencies in the world. Alongside the FBI, Canadian Mounties, and Scotland Yard the Texas Rangers hunt their targets across all barriers; even capturing many criminals after well coordinated International manhunts. Rangers have never been known to give up the hunt, not resting until the suspect is apprehended. Rangers have spanned more that 175 thousand miles throughout their inception. Texas Rising will make for an action-packed drama rife with action and suspense; facing many of our greatest criminals.

The Rangers have faced bootleggers, train robbers, Indians, and spies along with stopping the infamous Bonnie & Clyde crime spree. Much of Texas history has been intertwined with the heart of Americana and storytelling at its finest. Yet for anyone who truly wants to know how America became the great nation of today. The story of the Texas Rangers will be as informative as it is entertaining, a history that many have been forgotten, yet one none should ever forget. Texas Rising is set to be a catalyst to some brilliant new actors on the horizon.

Fans of the TV hit Under the Dome will recognize John Elvis who plays Ben Drake on the Steven King series currently filming its third season. His first journey into series television is the number one series worldwide. Aptly cast in a series based on the foundation of Texas, John Elvis is a product of the great state. Raised in Texas, Elvis calls San Antonio home. Much of Texas Rising follows the history of battle within central Texas. Bringing his own natural Texas attitude, Elvis plays Yellow Knife a Comanche in the dawn of the Texas Rangers and son of Billy Anderson played by Fraser. The young actor is set to soar above the teen heart-throb status to serious Hollywood player. Fans of the young actor are excited to share him with a larger generation of viewers. Elvis holds his own alongside such an amazing cast. One could dare to say that Elvis’ following will only grow after his scene-stealing performance. The all-star epic, Texas Rising, can be called the hottest cast in TV. Trevor Donovan, Evie Thompson, Raul Mendez, and Jeffery Dean Morgan are all set to make history exciting.

Opinion by Kimberly Beller

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  1. The Viewing Public   November 21, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Trevor Donovan will be playing Kit Acklin the best gun fighter of them all. Huge fan here


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