America Ferrera Accosted on Red Carpet Was He Looking for Ugly Betty? (Video)

America Ferrera Accosted on Red Carpet Was He Looking for Ugly Betty? (Video)
America Ferrera was accosted on the red carpet at Cannes as she stood with her How to Train Your Dragon 2 co-stars by a man who lifted her dress and tried to shove his head under it looking, perhaps, for Ugly Betty. America was standing next to the newest addition to the cast, Cate Blanchett along with other members of the animated feature’s players.

The culprit behind the dress lifting incident is no stranger to Cannes or red carpet events. In the past this serial offender, a Ukraine man named Vitalii Seduik, has struck mainly the male of the species with Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith and Bradley Cooper receiving unwanted attention from the prankster. The only other female to have been “almost” targeted was Brit singer Adele, Sediuk leapt on stage in front of the singer but was removed by security before having a chance to interact with her.

The 30 year-old Ferrera was at Cannes as a part of her second outing as the character Astrid in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. As the stars were patiently being photographed by the world’s press, the man walked up behind Blanchett, Jay Baruchel, Kit Harington, Djimon Hounsou and Ferrera. Sediuk was dressed in a tuxedo, or a black suit, and he calmly approached the back of the stars. It was not until he first lifted the hem of America’s dress and then showed his head under the garment that security stepped forward to drag the him off. Vitalii did not say whether he was checking to see if Ugly Betty was hiding under the voluminous dress or not.

All of the actors were suitably shocked at the incident although they all quickly recovered their composure and continued to pose for the cameras. Blanchette, who voices the character Valka in the film asked Ferrera if she was okay after the man accosted her. Within seconds everyone resumed smiling for the cameras and interacting with other participants at the Cannes red carpet event.

It has actually been reported that America was not too upset over the skirt lifting, and crawling under, incident as she was not really aware of what was happening. Cate Blanchett was actually more shocked than Ferrera was. Perhaps that was because she could see what was going on.

This serial red carpet event prankster says that he is attempting to show the other side of celebrity. Just what that side is, has not been explained but could be dealing with the more human reaction to outrageous invasions of personal space. Or downright illegal/sexual attacks.

Kissing Will Smith got the man a slap from the After Earth star. Bradley Cooper was more bemused than threatened and apart from peeling the man’s face from his crotch and lifting him up and away, the American Hustle star did not react in an overly physical way.

As America Ferrera was not even aware that he had accosted her or was under the lovely dress the actress was wearing, she did not get too excited about the incident. Sediuk has not explained what side of Ferrera’s celebrity he was hoping to show, nor has he revealed if he was looking for Ugly Betty. The actress certainly looks very different from the character she played in the popular television show, perhaps he was just confused. The entire “attack” is on the video below.

By Michael Smith


Sidney Morning Herald



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