Shaleine Woodley Does Not Have a Home

Shaleine Woodley repotedly does not have a home, according to the actress herself. In an interview with late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, the Divergent star revealed that she currently does not have a set place of residence.

Woodley’s lack of a home to call her own is certainly not due to a lack of finances. The 22 year-old California born actress reportedly has a net worth of approximately five million dollars, an amount that is steadily climbing along with Woodley’s popularity. After appearing in small roles on shows such as Crossing Jordan, My Name is Earl, and The O.C., she got her big break after scoring the lead role in ABC Family’s teen drama The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. Woodley was cast as Amy Juergens, a high school girl who has become pregnant and struggles to maintain both her friendships and love interests, as well as her home life. The actress reportedly made $40,000 per episode, with the show’s pilot breaking the network’s rating record for highest debut of a series. Woodley then went on to star in Divergent, which scored a whopping $56 million on its opening day. The actress is also set to appear as the lead role in the upcoming movie The Fault In Our Stars, which hits theaters on June 6, 2014.

So why does Shaleine Woodley not have a home? The actress has explained her choice as simply one of practicality. She informed Kimmel that since she has only a limited amount of time to spend back home (the actress reportedly only managed 15 days in the previous year due to her hectic schedule) it did not make much sense to her to put down roots. Woodley admitted to having sold many of the items she did not feel were necessary to her existence, in order to achieve the feat that everything she needed could fit comfortable in her suitcase. This way, the actress explained, she had more time to focus on actually spending time with her friends and family, rather than having to first make the effort of attempting to get settled in her home after a long trip. The actress says that she feels no discomfort or sense of homesickness when it comes to sleeping on her friend’s couches. If anything, she says, it makes the limited amount of time she gets with them more close and meaningful, rather than having to sleep in a place she has little to no connection to, having been away from it for most of the year.

It is certainly unorthodox that Shaleine Woodley does not have a home, and it is not something that is often heard of regarding those in the entertainment industry. Many celebrities are known for their lavish creature comforts and extravagant lifestyle. However, Woodley is clearly not the average celebrity, as she seems to have no qualms in terms of her way of living, insisting that this way is better for her in the long run. Indeed, it does seem as though the actress has found a way to avoid one of the many stresses of being famous by choosing this method.

by Rebecca Grace

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