American Idol Final Four Love American Idol Style (Review & Videos)

Love American Idol Style (Review & Videos)
American Idol tonight is down to the Final Four competitors of season 13. The Final Four competitors will be singing songs of love, breakups, make-ups and dedications tonight, to try to woo some votes out of you, America, so they won’t be the one with the lowest amount of votes who gets sent home tomorrow night during the Results show! You can vote for the three competitors you’d like to see stay, America, soon after tonight’s episode begins.

The host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, began tonight’s episode by reaping last week’s episodes, when the American Idols got to decide by their votes if one person would get sent home then, or two would this week. They decided to send one person home last week, as their votes weren’t unanimous — so, Sam Woolf was sent home, rather than the Final Five sticking together for one more week.

“Tonight’s when it gets real. This is American Idol!’ Ryan said.

Ryan mentioned that the Finale of American Idol was just two weeks away. Then, he brought out the Final Four performers onto the stage, Alex Preston, Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, and Jessica Meuse, and followed that by he introducing the three judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Junior.

Ryan said that the performers will take on three songs each tonight. Caleb will be the first performer to sing on American Idol. He’ll be singing for his “Breakup” song, Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name.” Caleb NAILED this song, and even walked over to Keith Urban and sang with him and also got the audience into it by walking up to them and singing. The audience erupted into applause as he finished singing.

Keith: “KILLER, man! The thing I really loved was at the end, when you made it a Caleb song, a Caleb Slayer.’

J-Lo: “I always feel it’s a rock concert when the show opens with you. Everyone has their work cut out for them.’

Harry: ‘Maybe think of different runs and ad-libs to do. Great way to start off the show.”

Ryan said that after the break, when American Idol returns, Jess Meuse will be singing her choice of a “Breakup” song “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson.

Jess had the audience clapping energetically right from the start as she sang, and she ROCKED this Kelly Clarkson song OUT!  She said that she’s had her share of breakups, and she poured all of that emotion into this song. The audience screamed and cheered and applauded as she finished singing.

J-Lo: “That was by no means an easy song to sing. I don’t feel it was the best song for you –it felt a little low at the beginning. I did feel you in it, though.”

Harry: “That was not your best performance, but you have two more to get this one out of the way. You have to do something to show your emotions a little bit more. You’ve come so far. Show us how you feel.”

Keith: “A lot of that comes with confidence. You have to pull out all the stops.” The judges didn’t seem to think that Jess connected very well with the audience or conveyed her emotions well enough. If what the judges are saying influences the viewers of America enough, Jess might get voted off the show tomorrow.

Ryan said “After this, we have Alex taking on another Alex,” meaning, apparently, that “Alex” is the name of the singer the singer whose song Alex will be performing as his first song.

Back from break, Ryan mentioned the places that American Idol judges will be touring this summer to listen to people try out for season 14 of American Idol.

Then, Alex Preston talked about his first breakup, and said he’ll be singing “Too Close” by Alex Clare. Alex Preston has an AMAZING voice, all his own, and he has a distinct singing style. He OWNED this song, and had the audience clapping and singing along with him. He has “Star Quality” written all over him. The audience gave him a rousing standing ovation.

Harry: “Alex, they really like you. You spend so much time deconstructing the music and reassembling it your own way. I liked the performance, but I also like that you’re a thinker. I dig that, bro.”

Keith: “You have a command of the phrasing. if you pull that back a little bit, it might be more compelling.”

J-Lo: “You’re so unique, and that’s what I like about you. You have to think, ‘Am I creating a Moment to help me win this competition?'”

Alex said that he was excited, and that “every performance is different.”

Coming back from the next commercial break on American Idol, Ryan said, Jena Irene will be sing a Pat Benatar song, “Heartbreaker,” for her “Breakup” song. Jena said as she finished her last class to graduate from high school, and will be graduating July 7. She said of her upcoming performance: “It’ll be SICK. I can’t wait.”

And, yes, it was SICK — Jena ROCKED the CARP out of this song, and had the audience clapping double-time. Jena NAILED the higher notes, also, and J-lo was dancing in her seat. Jena can really sustain notes!

Keith: “There’s no question about your vocal ability and great range. It just wasn’t a full, committed vocal presentation.”

J-Lo: “I think I’m going with the audience on this one. I just loved seeing you singing it. It was a very commanding performance — I really loved it.”

Harry: “I think, vocally, it was a 10 out of 10. But, there seemed to be a disconnect about what you were singing and how you were moving across the stage. Take the shoes off, jump about the stage; this is your time to perform!”

Ryan announced that the “Dedication” songs will be next on American Idol. After another commercial break, Caleb will be the first performer to sing.

Caleb tells Ryan he’ll be singing the CCR song “Traveling Band” and he’ll dedicate it “to my band, back home.” Once again, Caleb KILLED this song! J-Lo was bobbing her head, the audience was clapping along — Caleb was AMAZING!

J-Lo: ‘What can I say? You KILLED it again! You’ll be tough to beat, so tough!”

Harry: “You guys are so lucky to be surrounded by musicianship like that! Nice performance.

Keith: “Randy’s expression said it all.”

Randy: “Yeah! You were rockin’ out!”

Jessica Meuse will sing “So What” by Pink. she’s dedicating it to everyone who doubted her.

This is such a fantastic Pink song, and Jessica KICKED BUTT with her version of it! J-Lo sang along in her seat, and she and Keith danced as they were sitting. The audience clapped as she sang; she had the audience jumping up and down, dancing — SO GOOD!

Harry: “Jess, I felt like I was in Beni Hana — it was so HOT. I think you are terrific, and have an incredible voice. I think you’ve done better, though.” The audience booed him.

Keith said about the same thing, and also got booed.

J-Lo made it three judges in a row, saying that she, also, didn’t think the song was a good choice for her. The audience seemed to disagree — maybe the judges were watching a different performance than the audience.

Ryan said that after the break, Jena Irene will sing, for her “Dedication” song, one by Lady GaGa. Randy told Jena she “needed to go hard, and right now.”

Jena sang “Bad Romance” by Lady GaGa. She WAILED on this song, and there were cool green laser lights that went across the stage as she snag. The audience clapped along, and Jena did a great job with this song.

Keith: “You know what I liked about that? I liked that you changed the melody of the chorus. I thought it was really, really good.”

J-Lo: “You are a force to be reckoned with in this competition. You and Caleb go toe-to-toe in bringing down the house. Right at the end, you came out of the song before the song was over, though.”

Harry: ‘Why did you not go high at the end of the chorus?”

Jena: ‘I tried it, but it sounded like I was just yelling, so I didn’t do it.” Hmmm…

Ryan said that Alex will be singing his “Dedication” song right after yet another commercial break. It will be “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, and he’ll be dedicating it to his girlfriend. This remark earned him “Ahhhs” from the females in the audience.

Alex sang it soulfully, and very lyrically, doing an AMAZING version of this song. The audience clapped along as he sang it, and gave him a standing ovation as he finished singing.

J-Lo: “Alex, okay, Alex — They love you, and I love you. Again, I worry about you in this competition. you need to surprise us in some way, and take it up another level.”

Harry: “It’s almost exactly like Jason sings this song. It wasn’t that different. you really needed to break it down and deconstruct it.”

Keith: “My feeling is that the very last eight bars of the song, you started to liberate the song, and that’s when I really heard you, Alex.”

Ryan said that “Coming up, Caleb will be singing a classic make-up song,”

After the break on American Idol, Caleb talked about the first girl he kissed goodnight, just as her dad walked out and freaked out when he saw what was going on. He said he will be singing “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Sir Paul McCartney –cool!

Caleb did a spot-on version of this classic song — he literally WAS “Amazing.” He changed the ending up, and WAILED on it, making the song his own! Keith and J-Lo rose to their feet with the audience to give Caleb a standing ovation. Ryan said we’ll hear the reactions of the judges right after the next commercial break. Carole Bayer Sager was in the audience. She’s a great song writer.

Harry: “Caleb, that was absolutely phenomenal!”

Keith: ‘My wife is at home, probably freaking out! That is one of her favorite songs.”

J-Lo: ‘You singing that was probably your best performance ever since the beginning.”

Ryan then introduced Jessica Meuse, who talked about her first crush. She said she’ll be singing “You and I” by Lady GaGa. She said she’ll be singing it about a specific person she has in mind, but won’t name.

The audience clapped along with Jess as she sang, and it sounded like a country version — but, a very good country version of it. Keith was smiling and nodding his head — I think he really enjoyed that Jess was making it her OWN.

Keith: “Jess, that is the perfect song for you! KILLER!”

J-Lo: “I agree! It was perfect for her! I’m glad you did that song.”

Harry: “You came out swinging on a song that was perfectly suited for you, and you KILLED it!”

Next, we heard Jena talking about an old boyfriend of hers. she’ll be singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” by Elvis. Randy told her to “take your time with it, and the only thing that will really matter is that vocal.”

Jena — sang it so melodiously, maybe somewhat slow, but her version of it sounded FANTASTIC! She played the piano as she sang. It seemed so intimate, so AMAZING! J-Lo clapped as she played and sang a particularly great part towards the end. she stood up, and walked over to Jena and kissed her on her cheek — how cool was that!

J-Lo: “I’ve never gotten up to kiss someone after a performance! That was Elvis Presley — the King — and you reinvented it! That was so awesome!”

Harry: ‘That took such immense courage to see you perform that song in that way! It was incredible, absolutely incredible!”

Keith: “That was so unique! You’re like a musical platypus!” Translation: She was “unique” in a good way.

“That was to my mom, because it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday,” Jena said.

Ryan announced that Alex Preston will be singing “Yellow” by Coldplay for his “Make-Up” song. Alex said it’s a great love song that “can be relatable to almost anyone’s life.”

Alex played his guitar as he sang this great Coldplay song. The audience clapped along right from the beginning. He was AWESOME!

Harry: ‘I think you really needed that tonight! I think I am so happy tonight, being a judge, because I don’t have to vote. There were some great performances tonight, and that was one of them!”

Keith: “You sang that so beautifully!”

J-Lo: “You did a great job, and you are integral to this competition!”

Ryan concluded this episode of American Idol by saying to everyone viewing at home that “Voting is vital tonight!” If you want your favorite performer(s) to continue on, America, he or she or they need your votes!

Those words are so true — if you think that one of your favorite performers left in this season of American Idol is a shoe-in, so you’ll give your vote(s) to someone else — you could be very wrong, and your fave might get sent home. That seems to be what happened, to an extent, with The Voice this week — many viewers didn’t like it that the Bottom Three were in the Bottom Three, and were sent home. Don’t let the same fate happen with your favorite performers — don’t risk that he, she, or they will get the fewest votes and be voted out of the competition.

This episode of American Idol was great — there were so many highlights, but two that really stood out were Caleb singing Maybe I’m Amazed” and Jena singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” Caleb and Jena are pretty much “locks” to be staying on and coming back next week. Jess and Alex also gave some terrific performances, and anything can happen — who do you think will get voted off American Idol? Please leave your comments below, America!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

6 Responses to "American Idol Final Four Love American Idol Style (Review & Videos)"

  1. April Parker   May 8, 2014 at 9:09 am

    I love alex we.can say powerfull vocals is amazing but not what aan artist is an artist is a special unique vocalist who can connect an make butiful music and we can relate too and tht alex and jess for me i personally dont care much for power house vocals because they will nvr be solid in the industry

  2. Speak EZ   May 8, 2014 at 6:03 am

    J-Lo was completely out of line showing her favoritism and kissing jena on stage…this show has sunk to once again another usual low having these judges and their obvious favs. There is one thing to be said about being confident but jena’s arrogance is obvious and she should maybe tone it down…Caleb was awesome as usual….luv to see Caleb, Alex, and Jessica next week….IMHO The Voice is the new idol

  3. breeze   May 8, 2014 at 5:28 am

    First of all…I applaude you christina for what you said about tonights american idol competition..very well said….jlo is definetly playing fa ortism and it shows..secondly jess is a better singer then jena and last bit not least….I think they need to keep alex who is very very talented
    And give jena the boot,!!!!

  4. Danny Steiger   May 7, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    Umm… hate to tell you, but Jena isn’t Latina… I do believe she’s Italian.

    Also, you can have your opinion of who you like or don’t, but you can’t argue talent… and Jena has it. Jess isn’t quite my style and her voice is not my favorite, personally, but I can see how she has talent.

    There, see how nice and not troll-y that comment was!

  5. Marl alpern   May 7, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    Jena Irene has such a beautiful, powerful voice and sings with such feeling it is so awesome and special to see her and hear her each week. Her and Caleb are the top two for sure.

  6. Christina   May 7, 2014 at 9:59 pm

    Jennifer only seems to like jena and she’s always remarking that Jessica didn’t pick a right song.. The strongest people to deal with there are Jessica and Caleb.. I think Jessica is the TRUE talent and she should win.. Win 100%… Alex is so so and I’m not impressed.. Jena is not impressive with me and I think she’s sub par at best.. because Jennifer showing she loves her Latina singers, gets up and kisses Jena..Immature and wrong for a judge to show preferential treatment to her.. Jennifer grow the hell up.. I think that pink dress you’re wearing is ridiculous.. looks like a reject from a bad brides maid outfit.. and the color is too 1980’s.. Simple as that.. I’m not a fan of your dress mode..You’re in your 40’s and you’ re dressing like these young 20 year olds dress.. you have kids..have a sense of shame!!!


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